Zone II highlights the quadrennial development plan

7 February 2017

Dakar, Senegal, February 5, 2017- Zone II general assembly took place in the Senegalese capital of Dakar this weekend presided by CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani in presence of representatives from 8 member countries of Senegal, Cape Verde, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Mauritania..


 Among other crucial discussions at the meeting, the zone meeting highlighted the quadrennial development plan from 2016 – 2020.


 Speaking at the opening ceremony the president of Confederation of African Volleyball, Dr Amr Elwani thanked all zone II countries for the sharp eye they are giving to volleyball. He congratulated Sierra Leon and Gambia for their recent accomplishments in beach volleyball. He further urges Senegal, Guinea and Mauritania to come back to the center stage to develop the game in their respective countries.


‘’I have a dream that one day an African nation will climb the podium to receive gold medal at world championship,” Elwani stated. “We can realize this dream together only if we redouble our efforts and participate in all zonal activities.”


 The four year strategic plan is expected to be the guiding document for the development and administration of volleyball in the zone. This strategic plan will help the zone to execute their activities for a four year period which will also bind them with the activities of CAVB.


Other activities underlined in the meeting include the development of beach volleyball and mass participation of all Zone II countries in zonal activities, the enhancement of referees and coaches, upgrading the development center in Dakar, the role of the media and follow up of African Dream Project.


Amadou Seye the Technical Director of Zone II presented the other development activities to the General Assembly.


 At the end of the meeting, CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani offered the annual material support to the zone countries by giving 200 balls to Zone II which was evenly distributed to all eight countries.


By Muhammed L. Saidykhan, Press Officer Gam VB Fed





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Zone II highlights the quadrennial development plan

Dakar, Senegal, February 5, 2017