Elwani urges E- learning and promotes modern strategies

11 June 2018

CAVB Working Group Development Meeting



 Cairo, Egypt, June 10, 2018- African Volleyball Confederation "CAVB" President Dr Amr Elwani enhanced the new strategy of the confederation, which go aside with the FIVB strategy depending on the online courses under the programme "E- learning" implemented in 2017.


 Elwani describes during the Development Meeting Group, the new strategies owing to the constrained budget and asked the members to brainstorm their ideas for fruitful projects in 2018 and 2019.


 CAVB Development Commission President Tubby Reddy evaluates the role of the new technology to teach more people across the Continent in different fields coaching, Refereeing and management. 


 CAVB Executive Director Howyda Mondy featured the "E-learning" outcome since its implementation. CAVB organised 4 online courses helping more than 100 participants from 32 counties during the last year.


 CAVB Coaches Commission President Sherif El Shemerly highlighted the organised courses in 2018 and stressed on the great success of the National Coaches Courses in Ghana and Uganda in helping all the coaches there including the National team leaders.





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