Bidding for Hosting 2019 Men's and Women's African Nations Championships opened

4 December 2018


Cairo, Egypt, December 2, 2018- African Volleyball Confederation "CAVB" opened the bidding for hosting the 2019 Men's and Women's African Nations Volleyball Championships.


CAVB successfully launched the bidding process to determine the host for all CAVB Senior Championships in November 2016. CAVB is determined to ensure and sustain the implementation of competitive bidding process in selecting the host for all African future events.


The bidding process has enabled CAVB to achieve consistency in the way these championships are organised and presented, as well as providing CAVB and NFs the opportunity for greater development and marketing and ensuring suitable playing conditions to the players.


CAVB thus, invites all interested National Federations or Cities to submit their bid to host the 2019 Men's African Nations Volleyball Championship and the 2019 Women's African Nations Volleyball Championship both of which will be used as qualifiers to the 2019 FIVB World Cup for men and women, respectively.


Interested Federations or Cities are free to submit bids for both the Men's and the Women's events but on separate application forms, or may submit independent bid's for either the Men's or the Women's Championship.


The winner of the bid shall pay to CAVB a consolidated minimum fee of 30,000 USD for the exclusive TV live or delayed transmission and court advertisement for each competition.


The period for hosting the 2019 African Nations Volleyball Championships shall be as follows;

1.      2019 Women's African Nations Volleyball Championship – June/July 2019

2.      2019 Men's African Nations Volleyball Championship – July to 10 August 2019


Upon award of the hosting rights and before the sighing of the hosting contract, CAVB shall appoint an Inspection Delegation to visit and inspect the facilities for the organisation and management of the championship/s including the designated competition halls, training halls and accommodation hotels for the participating teams, referee and CAVB officials.


The host will also be required to guarantee availability of at least two separate competition halls and one training hall and that the location of the competition halls must be such that they enable proper delivery of TV signals for the broadcast of the matches.





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