CAVB Sports Organizing Commission confirms 2014 World Championship qualifier final pools

9 October 2013

Cairo, Egypt, October 9, 2013- African Volleyball Confederation "CAVB" Sports Organising Committee "SOC" held its meeting in Cairo, Egypt on Wednesday headed by Dr Amr Elwani, CAVB president.


 The meeting saw the Commission focus on the organized CAVB competition throughout the year and the proposals of the members for future improvement of the competition organisation, while also evaluating key ways to continue volleyball development.


 CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani welcomed the attendance in his opening speech and asked each member to share with his opinion to put all the proposals that can share in the competition improvement at the continental level. He also pointed out that the key target is to strongly apply the CAVB and FIVB regulations.


 CAVB Executive Director Howyda Mondy presented the competitions organized since the last meeting in 2012 including the Men and Women club championships, the age category African Nations Championships and the senior Men and Women African Nations championships.


 The commission finally put the format to distribute the qualified teams for the finals of the 2014 World Championship Qualifier into pools. In the Men's Qualifier, the final 15 countries will be distributed into 3 pools of five teams where the three winners will secure their tickets to the finals of the 2014 men's World championship in Poland. The top three FIVB ranked teams Tunisia, Egypt and Cameroon headed the pools. 


 In the Women Qualifier, 14 countries will make their way through the zonal phase and they will be divided into two final pools each of 7 teams where the winner of each pool make their way to the 2014 Women's World championship in Italy for the two African tickets. The top FIVB ranked teams Kenya and Algeria headed the two pools.


 According to the drawing of lots done during the meeting the pool distribution for the Men's final Qualification is as follows:


Pool A: Cameroon- Zone 1 winner- Zone 3 winner- Zone 5 winner- Zone 4 runner up

Pool B: Egypt- Zone 6 winner- Zone 2 winner- Zone 5 runner up- Zone 6 runner up

Pool C: Tunisia: Zone 7 winner- Zone 4 winner- Zone 2 runner up- Zone 3 runner up


 The Women's drawing of lots was as follows:  


Pool A: Algeria- Zone 6 winner- Zone 3 winner- Zone 4 winner- Zone 4 runner up- Zone 3 runner up- Zone 5 runner

Pool B: Kenya- Zone 7 winner- Zone 5 winner- Zone 1 winner- Zone 2 winner- Zone 6 runner up- Zone 2 runner up.


 The meeting was attended by CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani, CAVB Vice President Mory Keita (Guinea Conakry), SOC President Lucbeau Kalala (RD Congo), Camilo Antao (Mozambique), Charles Nyaberi (Kenya), Ayad Elmousraty (Libya), Saliou Barry (Guinea Conakry), Belhassan Boukhtioua (Tunisia), Enenizer Morakinyo (Nigeria), CAVB Executive Director Howyda Mondy.




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