Esperance to meet Giants Zamalek in the Men's African Club Championship opening

7 March 2015

2015 Men's African Club Championship- Drawing of lots



 Sousse, Tunisia, March 7, 2015- Five time African Champions Zamalek of Egypt will face defending champions Tunisia's Esperance in a thriller encounter of pool B at the 2015 Men's African Club Championship opening in the Olympic Hall in Sousse, Tunisia on Saturday.


 The match will be day 1 favourite among the tight program of 12 matches for the competition that showed a ground breaking record of 24 teams divided into 4 pools of six teams.


 The drawing of lots was held on Friday evening in presence of CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani and the guests of honour.


 In Pool A, Hosts ESS of Tunisia face Tangier (MAR), Autoridede (MOZ), Douane (BUR), Atletico (CPV) and Hamad (SUD), while defending champions Esperance of Tunisia will battle it out against Nahda (SUD), FAP (CMR), FAR (MAR), Swehli (LIB) and  Zamalek (EGY).


 Record holders Ahly of Egypt want to regain their golden era in Pool C along with Nemo Stars (UGA), APR (RWA), Borj Bouarirj (ALG), Espoir (COD) and GSU (KEN).


 Pool D includes Setif (ALG), Prisons (KEN), Support (Zim), KAVC (UGA), Smouha (EGY) and Ahly Beni Ghazi (LIB)




Pool A: ESS (TUN)- Tangier (MAR)- Autoridede (MOZ)- Douane (BUR)- Atletico (CPV)- Hamad (SUD)

Pool B: EST (TUN)- Nahda (SUD)- FAP (CMR)- FAR (MAR)- Swehli (LIB)- Zamalek (EGY) 

Pool C: Ahly (EGY)- Nemo Star (UGA)- APR (RWA)- Borj Bouarirj (ALG)- Espoir (COD)- GSU (KEN)

Pool D: Setif (ALG)- Prisons (KEN)- Support (Zim)- KAVC (UGA)- Smouha (EGY)- Ahly Beni Ghazi (LIB)


Day 1 Programme Saturday March 7


9:00      APR (RWA) Vs Borj  (ALG) C

10:00    FAR (MAR) Vs Swehly (LIB) B

11:00    Atletico (CPV) Vs Douane (BUR)  A

12:00    Setif (ALG) Vs Support (ZIM) D

13:00    NEMO (UGA) Vs Espoir (COD) C

14:00    SMOHA (EGY) Vs AHLY B (LIB) D

15:00    IRT (MAR) Vs Hamad (SUD) A

16:00    Zamalek (EGY) Vs Esperance (TUN) B

17:00    Prisons (KEN) Vs KAVC (UGA) D

18:00    AUTOR (MOZ) Vs  Sahel (TUN) A

19:00    Nahda (SUD) Vs FAP (CMR) B

20:00    AHLY E (EGY) Vs GSU (KEN) C




Year  Champion

1980 Ahly (Egypt)

1983 Ahly (Egypt)

1984 Zamalek (Egypt)

1985 CS Sfax (Tunisia)

1986 CS Sfax (Tunisia)

1987 Zamalek (Egypt)

1988 Mouloudia (Algeria)

1989 CS Sfax (Tunisia)

1990 Club Africain (Tunisia)

1991 Club Africain (Tunisia)

1992 Club Africain (Tunisia)

1993 Club Africain (Tunisia)

1994 Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia)

1995 Ahly (Egypt)

1996 Ahly (Egypt)

1997 Ahly (Egypt)

1998 Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia)

1999 CS Sfax (Tunisia)

2000 Espérance - Taragy (Tunisia)

2001 Etoile du Sahel - AlNajm AlSahily (Tunisia)

2002 Etoile du Sahel - AlNajm AlSahily (Tunisia)

2003 Ahly (Egypt)

2004 Ahly (Egypt)

2005 Sfax  (Tunisia)

2006 Ahly  (Egypt)

2007 Mouloudia (Algeria)

2008 Zamalek (Egypt)

2009 Zamalek (Egypt)

2010 Ahly (Egypt)

2011 Ahly (Egypt)

2012 Zamalek (Egypt)

2013 Sfax (Tunisia )

2014 Esperance (Tunisia)


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