Ahly battle past Pipeline to retain Women's African Club Champs title

6 April 2015

2015 Women's African Club Championship- Final  
 Cairo, Egypt, April 5, 2015- Egypt's Ahly took over Kenya Pipeline 3-1(25-16, 23-25, 25-20, 28-26) to retain the 2015 Women's African Club Championship following a thrilling final at 6 October Hall in Caairo, Egypt on Sunday in front of 2000 spectators.
 The victory if the seventh for Ahly after 1996, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2009 to equalise the number of Crowns for Pipeline who have also seven titles under their name and also the fourth in the direct face off between the two African giants in 7 final matches between both sides.
Carthage of Tunisia topped Shams (Egypt) 3-2 (25-17, 31-29, 20-25, 17-25, 16-14) in the third place match to bag bronze.
 After the final match FIVB Executive Vice President and CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani accompanied by the representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Dr Moustafa Azzam and Egyptian Volleyball Federation President Foad Abdel Salam crowned Ahly with the cup and gold medals, Pipeline with the solver and Tunisia's Carthage with the bronze.
Ahly (Egypt) v Pipeline (Kenya) 3-1(25-16, 23-25, 25-20, 28-26)
Ahly's middle blocker Mariam Metwally led her team to overcome Kenya Pipeline 3-1(25-16, 23-25, 25-20, 28-26) in the final match lasting 111 minutes. The 17y old who eventually was nominated the MVP and bst blocker led her team efficiently to claim the prestigious title. She scored 23 points to come as match best scorer including 9 Ace services and 4 kill blocks. Monica Biana was Pipeline scorer contibuting 14 points for her side.
 Ahly started the match using the quick attacks through the efficient center Mariam Metwally beside using the service as a weapon to lead 6-2 in the first TTO. Pipeline started to recover as the setter Janet Wanja started to use her proper combinations to decrease the point deficit, but Ahly was in a good standard to stay ahead 16-9 at the second TTO. Ahly maintained their dominance through the sharp hits from the opposite Yunieska and the outside hitter Nahla Sameh to win the set 25-16.
 Pipeline improved their reception in the second set and used the fast attacks through Ruth Jepngetich and Tizah Atuka. Ahly's Yuniesaka spiked to lead her team to 8-5 at first TTO. Pipeline setter Wanja again led the combinations to come back to gradually till they led for the first time at any TTO 16-15. The motivated Kenyans continued to win the set 25-23 after a great struggle in the final points of the set.
 Ahly again rebounded through the wing spiker with Sherihan Sameh doing a great role from position 4 to control the match. The opposite Yuniesaka sent her razor sharp hits from position 2 aided by Nahla Sameh to win the set 25-10 and lead 2-1.
 The fourth set was the most exciting as the Kenyans maintained their solid block through Ruth Jepngetich and trizah Atuka to have an early lead. Ahly came back quickly by the second technical time out to tighten the score which went point by point till Ahly won the set 28-26 and the match 3-1.
Bronze medal
Carthage (Tunisia) v Shams (Egypt) 3-2 (25-17, 31-29, 20-25, 17-25, 16-14)
Carthage won the bronze medal after they flew past Shams Egypt in epic tiebreaker 3-2 (25-17, 31-29, 20-25, 17-25, 16-14) to improve their 4th position finish last year.
Opposite attacker Mariem Brik led Carthage scorers with 16 points followed by middle blocker Abir Othmani and Khloud Jenhani 13. Sham's opposite Aya Elshami led the match scorers with 19 points followed by outside hitter Farah Ahmed 17 points. Carthage dominated the blocking (12-9), while Shams were better in service (9-5 Aces)
Carthage started the match highly disciplined and used their service to disturb Shams reception and succeeded to lead 8-3 at the first TTO with spikes from Fatma Agrebi. Carthage controlled the match with their motivations to extend their leading 16-6 at the second TTO. The Tunisian team motivations increased even when Shams big gun Aya Elshami started to send her sharp spikes and decreased the point deficit to 22-15 to finish the set 25-17.
 The second set showed a completely different start as Shams used the wing spikers Farah Ahmed and Aya Elshami to penetrate the Tunisian solid blockers to lead 8-5 and 16-11 in the TTOs. Carthage had a successful come back to reach 23-20. Shams reached to 24-21 and lost 7 set points before the Tunisian team used their service to end the longest set 31-29.
 Shams coach Ehab Hassan replaced his setter Doaa Orfy by Mariam Ebrahim as she started to use her combinations to allow her team to lead 8-2. Carthage improved their blocking through Abir Othmani and Marwa Brahoumi to 16-11 in the second TTO. Afrer Shams reached 18-11 Carthage made a great come back to 18-17 before Nada Hossam and Aya Elshami led the team to win the set 25-20 to narrow the score to 2-1 for Carthage.
 Again shams had a great leap 8-2 at the beginning of the 4th set due to the sharp spikes from Farah Ahmed and Nada and continued leading 16-6 with the sharp spike services. Carthage again came back with the activity of Fatma Agrebi and Mariem Brik to 16-9 before Shams used Nada's services to lead 20-13. Carthage struggled to save the set, but with service mistake from Marwa Brahoumi, Shams won the set 25-17 to draw 2-2 and extend the match to tiebreak.
 The tiebreak was very tight as Shams early led with the performance of Elshami and Nada till they turned the court at 8-7 for Shams. Fatma led Carthage with her spikes to lead frequent times till they won the set narrowly 16-14.
Individual Prizes
·         Best Spiker: Ruth Jepngetich (Pipeline)
·         Best Server: Marwa Brahoumi (Carthage)
·         Best Blocker: Maraim Metwally (Ahly)
·         Best Receiver: Nehal Gamal (Shams)
·         Best Setter: Janet Wanja (Kenya)
·         Best Libero: Maraim Moustafa (Ahly)
·         MVP: Maraim Metwally (Ahly)
Final Ranking
1. Ahly (Egypt)
2. Pipeline (Kenya)
3. Carthage (Tunisia)
4. Shams (Egypt)
5. GSP (Algeria)
6. RRA (Rwanda)
7. Vision (Uganda)
8. FAP (Cameroon)
9. ARSU (Seychelles)
10. Injis (Cameroon)
11. KCB (Kenya)
12. Kutlwano (Botswana)
13. Saltigue (Senegal)