Social Media serve 2015 Women's African Nations Championship showpiece

15 June 2015

 Nairobi, Kenya, June 14, 2015- The 2015 Women's African nations championship which is the supreme Women competition in African Volleyball had been followed up extensively through the CAVB Social Media.


 Facebook, twitter, Youtube and Instgram accounts showed great follow up from the audience since the start of the competition in Nairobi, Kenya with interactions from both officials and normal visitors.


 The CAVB Twitter account had fresh news throughout the day with the updates of set results each match and links to the main page of the competition at the CAVB web site


 To follow the CAVB Twitter account go through the link  CAVB Tweets


 The African Volleyball Confederation Facebook account has regular updates with the results stories and photos of the event and some of coaches comments.


 To visit the CAVB Facebook account go through this link


 A mini match and some interviews with the coaches and players are also available in short videos at the CAVB Youtube channel and you can visit here CAVB Video.


 The social media are areas to visit during the big African Volleyball competition qualifying to the World Championship