All Africa Games conclude a success with new comers upgrade

16 September 2015

 Brazzaville, Congo, September 15, 2015- With the emerging new faces at Men's and Women's All Africa Games, volleyball competition in the supreme African event concluded with a great success technically and officially on Monday with all items of progress available in the 12 day's competition held at Henry Elende in Congo Brazzaville September 2 to 14, 2015.


 Out of the traditional forces like Egypt, Tunisia, Cameroon and Kenya, the 24 team men and women championships featured many new comers emerging and adding to the progress of volleyball in the continent to prove the developing efforts of African volleyball Confederation under the presidency of Dr Amr Elwani.


 In Men's Category, host team Congo Brazzaville were the biggest surprises as they took over giants Egypt in the semifinal to qualify to their first ever volleyball final as they got eventually the silver medal which is the best in their history after losing against Algeria in the final. Due to the efforts of Congo Volleyball Fed President Jean Mopita, the team showed efficient fighting spirit accompanied with high level techniques.   


 Developmental model Rwanda showed also fantastic level of Volleyball as they succeeded to qualify to the final 4 after they cruised past historic giants Cameroon. Rwanda finished 4th to come one more step after their 6th position finish in this year's Men's African Nations Championship in Cairo.


 Ghana men's team put also a blue print of their volleyball where they were near a semifinal spot along with Nigeria which came over with a new competitive team for the first time since 10 years.


 Cape Verde, Mozambique and Botswana were also teams to follow in the competition.


 In the Women's championship, Seychelles came as the most prominent emerging team after they secure a semifinal spot following a great exposure.  Botswana led by a highly battling players showed fantastic progress beside the great volleyball played by the new comers Cape Verde.


 With their first team battled in the FIVB World Cup the Kenyan second team showed consistency to win the gold medal after a great victory against experienced Cameroon team.


 2015 All Africa games helped to widen volleyball map in the continent for more bright future.   


Men's Final Ranking

1. Algeria

2. Congo Brazzaville

3. Egypt

4. Rwanda

5. Nigeria, Cameroon

7. Mozambique, Ghana

9.  Botswana, Cape Verde

11. Seychelles


Final Women's Ranking

1. Kenya

2. Cameroon

3. Egypt

4. Seychelles

5. Botswana, Algeria

7. Senegal, Nigeria

9. Ghana, Cape Verde

11. Congo Brazzaville, Mozambique


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