Tunisia and Morocco lead pools at Men's Continental Cup

7 May 2016

 Kelibia, Tunisia, May 7, 2016- Tunisia and Morocco led the preliminary round Pool after Day 2 of the 2016 CAVB Men's Continental Cup held in Kelibia, Tunisia on Friday.
 Tunisia led Pool A as they finished their matches with a win- loss ratio of 4-0 after they beat Egypt 2-1, Rwanda 2-1, Sierra Leone 2-0 and Gambia 2-0 to secure the top position of the pool before the 2 final matches of the preliminary round Sierra Leone v Rwanda and Gambia v Egypt.
Rwanda and Sierra Leone came second both with 2-1 record as Rwanda started with a defeat against Tunisia 1-2, then they had 2 victories against Gambia 2-0 and Egypt 2-0. Sierra Leone beat Gambia 2-1 and Egypt 2-1 before losing against Hosts Tunisia 0-2.
 Both Egypt and Gambia lost their 3 matches (0-3) to play for the last 2 places in the pool.
 Morocco led Pool B with three straight wins against Angola 2-1, Ghana 2-1 and Mozambique 2-1. Ghana came second with 3-1 in 4 matches as they beat Cote d'Ivoire 2-0 and then lost against Morocco before they came back with 2 wins against Burundi 2-0 and Mozambique 2-1.
 Angola had 2-1 win loss ratio in 3 matches with a loss against Morocco and 2 victories over Burundi 2-0 and Cote d'Ivoire 2-0.
 The preliminary round matches will be finalised on Saturday where each of the preliminary pool will be ranked and the top 2 in each qualify to the semifinal and the teams ranked 3rd and 4th play for 5 to 8 positions.
 The winners of the Men's Continental Cup will book a ticket to Rio Olympic Games, while the 2ns and 3rd will qualify for the World Cup where they will have another chance to qualify to the Olympics with the other confederations.