Esperance down Ahly Beni Ghazi in a thrilling encounter
 Esperance spiking

Esperance spiking

17 March 2017

Tunis, Tunisia, March 17, 2017- Organisers Esperance of Tunisia topped Ahly Beni Ghazi of Libya 3-0 (25-12, 25-23, 25-18) in Pool A of the 2017 Men's African Club c championship held in Taragi Hall in Tunis, Tunisia on Friday.


 The winners used the unstoppable hits of Elyes Karamosly to clinch easily the first set 25-12 before the Libyan team rebounded in the second set after they improved the blocking against Esperance attacks. Mohamed Alsaghir sent his hits from position 2 till Esperance caught the set hardly 25-23.


 Esperance returned back to full dominance in the third set to win 25-18 and finish the match in 70 minutes.