Cameroon's Bafia overwhelm Sudan's Nahda
Bafia in defence against Nahda

Bafia in defence against Nahda

24 March 2017

Tunis, Tunisia, March 24, 2017- Cameroon's Bafia took over Sudan's Alnahada 3-0 (25-23, 25-17, 25-28) in the 9 to 12 place play off held at Ben Arous Hall in Tunis, Tunisia on Friday.


 Bafia qualified to play for the 9 and 10 positions against Ahly Beni Ghazi, while Nahda face Rwanda's  University of Kibungo for the 11 and 12 places.


 Both sides were competitive in the first set when Bafia settled the set narrowly 25-23. Bafia controlled the second and third sets to win both widely and finish the match 3-0


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