CAVB Control Committee penalize Etoile and considered them winners in Semifinal
Etoile spectators behaved impolitly

Etoile spectators behaved impolitly

27 March 2017

 The CAVB Control Committee headed by President Dr Amr Elwani decided to consider Etoile du Sahel as winners 3-0 (25-0, 25-0, 25-0) in the semifinal match against Swehly (Libya) as the latter refused to resume the march at 14-7 in the tiebreak for the Tunisian team.


 On the other hand reacting to the behaviour of Etoile supporters who had a very disrespectful behaviour towards Swhely player, CAVB discarded a fine of 3000 USD for Etoile.


 Etoile club has to write an apology letter to Swehly team, the organising committee and CAVB for this behviour.


 CAVB decided that Etoile also can't participate to any CAVB Competitions in future until these two sanctions are executed