Esperance upset Prisons to claim 5th position
Malek Chekir receiving

Malek Chekir receiving

27 March 2017

Tunis, Tunisia, March 27, 2017- Organisers Esperance of Tunisia claimed the 5th position at the African Club Championship after they downed Kenya Prisons 3-0 (25-19, 25-18, 25-19) at Ben Arous Hall in Tunis, Tunisia on Monday.


 Prisons finished in the 6th position, but their best result was in 2011 when they came as runner up.


 Although Esperance played out of their spirit after they lost the competition for the title, they dominated the match throughout the 3 sets. The coach Nizar Chkili played with all the team list and succeeded to use the best of each player. Elyes Garfi led the scorers of his team with 10 points, while Josephat Kirwa led Prisons with 11 points.


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