Sfaxien Dominates ARSU in Pool D Opening of Womenís Club Championship

7 April 2017

Monastir, Tunisia, April 7, 2017 – club sportif Sfaxien of Tunisia dominated their pool D opponents ARSU in the opening match of pool D 3-0 (25-15, 25-16, 25-22 ) to win outstandingly their first face off.


Sfaxien won the first set against the ARSU side that rarely threaten and advance to wrap up the second set as well. Late on in the second set, ARSU were the ones who posed the threat, and indeed scared their opponents.  Even though ARSU recovered this time to get 16 points, Sfaxien maintain their lead to win the second set.


In the third set ARSU lead Sfaxien for the first time in the match by 10-7 before the Tunisian side closed to 10-10 as they almost fell in the set and ARSU narrow the point gap to 24-22 from 6 points down whiles Sfaxien needed a point to win the match. Sfaxien produced a cutting-edge start with individual brilliance and great defensive display and eventually took the lead to emerge victorious by winning the third set 25 - 22.