Egypt's Shams set second win against Seychelles' ARSU
Shams celebrate

Shams celebrate

8 April 2017

Monastir, Tunisia, April 8, 2017- ARSU from Seychelles suffered second defeat in the 2017 Women’s African Club championship after been beaten 3-0 (25-8, 25-19, 25-13) by Shams of Egypt.


It is ARSU’s second defeat and Shams second victory in the competition. The Egyptians dominated the first set, limiting ARSU’s chances to below 10 points. ARSU recovered in the second set with more purpose scoring 19 points in the process but Shams remain outstanding to win the set 25-19


A time-out was called by ARSU’s technical bench in hopes of recovering in the third set. Shams showed their defensive prowess with a dig, preventing the ball from reaching the ground and won the third set 25-13.