Ahly through to semifinal with GSP victory
Ahly celebrate the qualification to semifinal

Ahly celebrate the qualification to semifinal

13 April 2017

Monastir, Tunisia, April 13,  2017- Defending champions Ahly of Egypt are in the semi final of the 2017  women's African club championship after hammering Algeria's GSP 3-0 (25-20, 26-24, 25-10) at Mzali Hall on Thursday.


Sonatrach were  kept by Ahly on the back foot. Aya Elshami scored a headshot and then another spike and Ahly took the lead 8-7. Mariam Mostafa got a good dig, but both teams gave each other points on service errors. Ahly were winning 16-12 and then Sonatrach started buckling under the pressure and Ahly made too many brilliance to remain competitive and won the 1st set 25-20.


It was tight as each team scored one point after the other in the second set. Players were diving across the court to save balls and there was plenty of hard spikes. Ahly were up 8-7 and trading continued until a great back court tip and ace gave Ahly the advantage. Ahly raced ahead and Sonatrach looked defeated Ahly win the set 26-24.


Ahly remained positive on the way to victory and they ultimately nailed it convincingly at 25-10.