Organisers Carthage down Prisons to qualify to final of Women Club Champs
Carthage qualified to final

Carthage qualified to final

14 April 2017

Monastir, Tunisia, April 14, 2017- Carthage booked final ticket at the 2017 women's African club championship after a 3-1 (25-21, 25-13, 24-26, 25-14) win over Kenya Prisons in the semifinal held at Mizali Hall in Monastir, Tunisia on Friday


Carthage trailed Prisons 6-5 in he first set and the home support was immense as they chant and tjat prompted Carthage ro come back and in the process they scored 7 points to led 13-11, Prisons quickly level at 14all after two errors from Carthage.


Going into the time out the hosts were leading 16-15. Prisons got a point to level 16all after a service error and led 19-16 afterwards. Carthage fought back to get three points to tie at 19all. Prisons called for a time out and still Carthage forced their way out to led 22-19. Another timeout was called by Prisons, still trying to find tone but Carthage won the set 25-21.


The second set did not trouble the host as they took a quick lead at 6-3 after several errors from Prisons. Carthage again les by 13-7 and that spirit continued to win the second set 25-13.


The home crowd was magnificent. Clapping and dancing from the pavilions and the standing ovation whenever Carthage wins a set. Prisons established some stamina in the 3rd set. First they were behind 7-3 but closed it 8-6.


Prisons leveled at 18all, Carthage goes for a timeout and afterwards took the led 19-18. The trading of points continues and Prisons led 21-19 and they crowd was amazed as the Kenyans got support from other competitors. When they led 23-20, the Carthage supporters were silent. The Tunisians got 2 points straight but still Prisons led 23-22. Unbelievable Carthage closed 24all and the crowd went wild and Prisons got two points to win 26-24.


Carthage came stronger in the 4th set and won it 25-14.