Ndejje Finished 11th after beating FAP

15 April 2017

Monastir, Tunisia, April 15, 2017- Ndejje from Uganda overcame FAP 3-0 (25-19, 26-24, 25-22) to finish 11th in the 2017 Women's African Club championship on Saturday.


The first set started off badly for FAP with a lapse in confidence, giving Ndejje a five-point lead. After a much needed time out, the team regained their focus and picked the play back up, but it wasn’t enough as Ndejje sealed it 25-19.


Seven points up and things suddenly started to go wrong for FAP in the second set. The tension never let up. Ndejje has a tendency to take it all the way up to the final set. It does no one’s nerves any good as Ndejje fly high to lead 13-7 going into time out.


Ndejje still led 16-10 at the second technical timeout, and afterwards FAP leveled 18all and eventually led for the first time in the match. Thereon it became trading of points until Ndejje wins it 26-24.


Into the 3rd and final set. Both teams crept up the scoreboard, with points handed out pretty evenly. Every single point carried a huge amount of responsibility. Ndejje, two sets up still led in the race 16-12 before the second technical timeout.  FAP came up in a bit to closed it 16-15.  But Ndejje wins it at 25-22