CS Sfaxien beat INJS to finish 7th in the women's club champs
Sfaxien celebrate

Sfaxien celebrate

16 April 2017

Monastir, Tunisia,  April 16, 2017-  Tunisia's Sfaxien outdone Cameroon's INJS 3-1 (25-21, 25-23, 23-25, 25-9) to finish 7th in the 2017 Women's African Club Championship in Monastir, Tunisia on Sunday.


It was a good start for INJS in the first set. They ran out well to lead 8-4 in the first technical time out and that sinked them to comfortably led in the opening stages. Sfaxien came out fighting after series of on and off and they led 16- 14 in the second technical time out. INJS technical bench tried to Input fire onto the players but the game got to a stage Sfaxien were unstoppable and they won the set 25-21 with two aces.


INJS led again in the second set 6-3 before CSS called for a time out and after their 30 seconds break they scored a point but INJS double their lead to 8-4 Going into the technical time out. CSS had a good break as they fought to narrow down INJS's lead to 9-8. At 14all Sfaxien dominates with some good kills and took the lead 16-14. Thereon CSS run riot to win 25-23.


Mohamed Jihen was her team top scorer, with her Impressive kills, she led CSS comfortably against the INJS side that can attack well. INJS were flying high in the 3rd set leading 7-2. The set goes to the first technical time out with INJS winning 8-2. Two aces from Jihen gave CSS a breathing space to closed it to 16all but eventually lost 25-23.


CSS forcefully got their way out of trouble of loosing and bounced back well to led 16-8 in the first technical time out of the the 4th set and nailed it 25-9.