Elwani opens CAVB Board meeting ahead of the Congress

28 November 2017

Kinshasa, DR Congo, November 27, 2017- CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani opened the CAVB Board meeting on Tuesday ahead of the CAVB Congress due to be held in Kinshasa, Congo DR on November 29 and 30, 2017.


 Elwani welcomed all the attending members in the Board meeting and asked them to brainstorm all possible ideas for successful Congress. He pointed out the changes happened in the financial position of CAVB according to the FIVB new strategy.


 After his speech, CAVB Treasurer Habu Gumel started to present the financial report in presence of CAVB financial Director Mohamed Moustafa, where their report was accepted.


 As a proposal from CAVB Executive member Louis Majore Timba, he asked to have CAVB Controller, an issue fully described by CAVB President who asked to have a small commission to discuss the legality of that issue.


CAVB web site: www.cavb.org