Promising refereeing strategies presented to CAVB Congress
Hassan Ahmed presents the refereeing report

Hassan Ahmed presents the refereeing report

30 November 2017


 Kinshasa, DR Congo, November 30, 2017- A lot of Refereeing development strategies have been presented to the CAVB Congress during its ordinary meeting in Kinshasa, DR Congo on Wednesday.


 CAVB Refereeing Commission president Hassan Ahmed mentioned that CAVB divided the international referees to three main categories according to their performance allowing the top level to officiate at the FIVB competitions.


 He said also that we succeeded to have 50 female referees, which is a record in all confederations, and 12 of them already participated in the 2017 Women's African Club championship in Tunisia.


 Hassan Ahmed stated that CAVB strategy is to have international referees in all affiliated NFs after we reached to about 70 % of African countries and still have to help the remaining 17 countries to have international referees.


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