African Dream case studied in front of CAVB Congress

30 November 2017


 Kinshasa, DR Congo, November 30, 2017- The African Volleyball Confederation "CAVB" Congress studied thoroughly the African Dream Case after the implementation of the Project in 2015 and the financial situation and its future.


 CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani said that he transfers the opinion of Dr Ary Graca about the project that it will continue to the serious countries who already established a stable internal system for the project.


 CAVB Executive Director Howyda Mondy presented all the project documents since its implementation and how the money was transferred to each of the participating countries through the Bank transfer.


 A local committee from the CAVB Board of Administration studied all the documents thoroughly and put its report in front of the Congress.


 Elwani declared at the end of the session that CAVB is clear of all the project finance with the full documentation.


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