Zone activities highlighted to CAVB Congress
Zone 5 president Gustave

Zone 5 president Gustave

30 November 2017

 Kinshasa, DR Congo, November 30, 2017-The 7 zones of Africa presented their activity reports in front of the CAVB Congress at the last session on Thursday.


 The 2-year activities were shown in PowerPoint presentation for each of the 7 zone to feature their overall volleyball and beach volleyball activities.


 Zone 1 President Mr Adnan Bakbak enumerated the activities including World Championship qualifiers for men and women in Tunisia and Algeria respectively beside Beach volleyball tours in Morocco.


 Zone 2 president Antonio Carlos Rodriquez highlighted the superiority of his zone in beach VB activity between the 8 countries of the zone, beside the 2018 Volleyball World Champs Qualifiers.


Zone 3 President Sanga Kone reported the successful club championship organised with 13 men and women championships and the successful Qualifiers to the African U21 Beach Cup and 2018 Volleyball World Championship Qualifiers.


 Zone 4 president Fredric Ndounda evaluated the great change in the zone activities in volleyball and Beach volleyball competitions including the qualifications for the World Championships, beside the zonal club championship that attracted 10 men and women teams.


 Zone 5 president Gustave Nkurunziza presented the conditions of the zone following the new elections during the zone meeting in Kenya. He features the immediate start of the activiteis through the Men and Women World Championship qualifiers, which showed hectic face offs for the African Championships' finals.


 Zone 6 president Fredreck Ndlovo showed the most important activity which was the African men and Women senior beach cup attracting 11 teams in each gender and helps in qualifications to the world Championships, beside the volleyball qualifiers to the World Champs.


 Zone 7 president kaysee showed the great activity in the 4 nation zone including the abnnual club championships and evaluated the great coverage media coverage through live stream beside the frequent Beach VB tours.


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