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Best Beard Growth Spray Of 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 8:13 AM

The majority of New York City's bearded males (77 percent) wish they could grow one but have no success doing so, according to a recent survey.

So, here's my question...

So, what do you think occurs when a bearded man who wants to grow his beard faster spends his nights awake and researching methods online?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of web content on such topics is absurdly inaccurate and aims to hastily sell you a supplement, beard oil, or growth spray without providing any evidence or advantages.

Truth be told, we're all aware that if you buy a "intense solution maximum beard volume" enhancer from Amazon, you're actually just paying a lot of money for a fancy dropper bottle of olive oil.

(not that olive oil is bad for your beard, but it won't help it grow any faster).

But what if, for a change, we concentrated on the facial hair growth treatments that have been shown to be effective in clinical trials, have been used by thousands of people (not just pretenders), and had before-and-after photos that indicate true growth?

Okay, I think we can pull that off...

Now, without further ado, here is the definitive ranking of the best beard growth serums for the year 2022 and beyond.

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Buying Guide


One must have realistic expectations before purchasing any beard supplement. The presence of facial hair in the target area is essential for the effectiveness of the product. Beard transplants are an option for men who have lost their hair because no follicle can develop where there was once one.

Not only are many testimonials paid for, but they tend to be from males who are already capable of growing facial hair. Furthermore, some well-known firms don't even show real people using their beard supplements but instead rely on stock photos.

Product Safety

Vitamins, topical treatments, and all-natural components can all be found in beard growth products. Beard growth products, which are part of the supplement sector, suffer from a severe lack of regulation. This makes it difficult to locate reliable, risk-free brands.

Research the product thoroughly before putting it into use. Investigate where the brand originated, how long it has been around, who owns it, customer feedback, etc.

Also, before buying or using any beard growth product, you should consult a doctor.


The four most common types of beard supplements are:

Topical Solutions

Because of its concentrated nature, this formulation is ideal for men with sparse beards, where a single, well-placed application may produce uniform coverage. You may find it difficult to apply lotions, foams, or liquids if your facial hair is longer around the edges.


Beard pills, which are taken orally and function as a complement to the diet, may promote healthy beard development. They won't help with a patchy beard, though.

Natural Oils

Ingredients like carrier oils and essential oils are often combined to create such potent concoctions. While there isn't a ton of data on the effects of natural compounds on beard development, they can help with beard itch by moisturizing your skin.

Shampoo & Conditioner

These are supplementary items, and they work best when combined with a beard growth product that targets certain areas. Vitamin enhancers and volume boosters are integrated into the composition.


One can classify serums as either anti-aging or anti-inflammatory. The first one is a minoxidil product, therefore it should be used with the same care taken while administering any pharmaceutical. The second option uses all-natural, vitamin- and mineral-packed substances. Squalene, aloe vera, yeast extract, and vitamins like tocopherol are just a few examples of effective natural remedies for skin and hair that are supported by solid scientific evidence.


We've already established that you can't expect a miracle serum to make your beard appear overnight. A good beard maintenance routine and consistent usage of the product is required. Modifying some aspects of your lifestyle, such as getting more sleep, eating better, and exercising regularly, can improve the therapeutic results you see.


The cost of a product always reflects the standard of its components. Products that share the same active ingredients are an exception to this rule. You may be paying more than necessary for packaging and advertising if the concentrations are identical.


What is a Beard Serum?

There are a variety of beard growth serums on the market, each with its own unique recipe for either improving the health of your skin and facial hair follicles or stimulating hair growth in the area around your beard. Serums range from those containing pharmaceuticals like minoxidil to those made with natural substances like precious oils.

Although most beard serums are formulated with oils, they are much lighter and absorb more quickly than conventional beard oil.

Do Beard Growth Serums Really Work?

Beard growth serums are effective in promoting new hair growth and follicle regeneration, barring any underlying medical issues. Beard growth will not occur instantly, even with the use of a beard serum, so keep that in mind. To maintain your beard's health and appearance, you must be consistent with your serum applications.

Will my beard start to fall out once I stop using the product?

All of it is up in the air. To answer your question, using a product like Minoxidil (Rogaine) will cause the facial hair that sprouted after you applied the product to fall out (the existing beard hair follicles should remain).

A beard growth tablet, or any other supplement, shouldn't cause any drastic changes. As opposed to stimulating the formation of new hair follicles, most of these medications work by stimulating the growth of the existing hair follicles to grow thicker and faster.

Will any of these beard growth products work on my mustache?

Yes. The mustache hair doesn't look any different from the rest of your facial hair, no matter what beard growth treatment you use. You shouldn't feel guilty about splurging on a mustache enhancer


Online beard serums are notorious for being useless, untested, and outright fraudulent.

While it's certainly intriguing, none of the seven tested and proven solutions for beard development discussed in this article are actually marketed as such.

Commonly, they are marketed as supplements for bodybuilders or as hair-loss medications like minoxidil (like the carnitine that we made into a beard spray).

I hope my review of a beard growth serum was helpful to you and that it will protect your money from scams. You can leave a question or comment about the dosages or anything else here, and I'll do my best to respond.

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