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Best Brother Sewing Machine Of 2022

Brandon Forder
  Dec 2, 2022 11:56 AM

When it comes to sewing machines, only the best Brother models deliver on their promises of long-term performance and dependability. The company that makes Brother sewing machines, Brother Industries Ltd., has been around for more than a century. He started the Yasui Sewing Machine company out of his house in Nagoya, Japan in 1908. Repairing industrial sewing machines and making parts for local use were two of his main interests. Yasui's company was renamed Yasui Brothers' Sewing Machine Company when his sons took over, and the company name was eventually shortened to Brother when they took over.

Brother Industries has grown into a global leader in sewing machine design, innovation, and production over the course of its 114-year history. The company currently has one of the most advanced inventories of innovative sewing machines for the home. Among the company's sewing machine models are basic, dependable machines as well as cutting-edge, computerized machines for more complex embroidery, quilting, and crafting projects. For both utilitarian and creative purposes, customers rely on the best Brother sewing machines. From the company's impressive roster, here are some of our favorites.

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Buying Guide

Size, weight, and portability are the first three factors to consider.

The first three things to think about are the size, weight, and portability of a device.

Full-size sewing machines are generally recommended for newbies because they offer a wider range of sewing options.

Sewing machines that are smaller and more portable are available, but their usefulness is constrained by their small size. Even though they're less expensive, they can only do the bare minimum.

All of these machines come with a free arm, allowing you to sew small items even if the arm is taken off of the machine.

The weight of a sewing machine varies depending on the machine's construction and features. If you want to take your sewing machine with you, look for a machine that is easy to transport.

Computerized or mechanical?

There are mechanical and computerized sewing machines manufactured by Brother Industries. Simpler to use and maintain are the mechanical models. Beginners and hobbyists alike will appreciate their sturdy construction and basic functionality, which makes them an excellent choice. For added convenience, many mechanical models have automatic features. The advanced technological capabilities of computerized sewing machines are, on the other hand, more appealing to some sewers. The computerized machines, especially for embroidery, crafting, and quilting, are unbeatable.

Built-in stitches

All Brother sewing machines come equipped with a wide range of pre-installed stitches as standard equipment. Designs for basting and sewing seams are as basic as straight lines, or as complex as decorative stitches for clothing, quilts, and other items of home décor and craftwork. As few as 17 or as many as 240 different built-in stitches are available on the Brother sewing machines we'll be looking at. The ability to monogram and personalize sewing projects with the use of alphanumeric fonts is a feature of more advanced computerized machines. Additionally, Brother's sewing-and-embroidery machines have built-in embroidery designs that can be imported or created.

Automatic features

Automatic features on a variety of Brother sewing machines are an option for customers who aren't interested in computers or mechanical operating systems. Sewing as a hobby becomes more enjoyable thanks to these features on the machines. Automated needle threading is available on many Brother machines. Because this feature eliminates the need to thread the needle manually, it saves time, aggravation, and eyestrain. It saves time for sewers to have a 4- or 1-step buttonhole function because it makes each buttonhole exactly the same size and shape.

Motor speed

To measure sewing machine motor speed, stitches per minute are used. The motor speed is a measure of how quickly you can sew. The Brother SE600 can stitch at 710 stiches per minute, while the Brother CS6000i and the Brother CS5055PRW can stitch at 850 stiches per minute.

If the thought of a sewing machine running at a high speed makes you nervous, don't be; the foot pedal you press to start the machine has multiple speeds you can choose from. Similar to stepping on a car's gas pedal, this is how it feels.

Stitches, stitch functions and buttonholes styles

While straight lines on a piece of fabric are important, sewing is much more than that. Or, to put it another way, it can be a lot more. More advanced sewers will want to experiment with different patterns, while beginners often struggle to just create straight lines. There are numerous interesting stitches available on sewing machines, including the ability to sew buttonholes, depending on the project at hand.

Even the most basic sewing machines, such as the Brother XR9550PRW, have a wide range of stitches to choose from, with 110 in total. You'll want to check out advanced machines if you're an advanced sewer.

Features and Price

You can spend anywhere from $50 to more than $500 on a basic mechanical sewing machine. Sewing goals should be taken into account prior to purchasing even the most basic (or expensive) of machines.

Sewing machines with the most advanced features are unnecessary if you don't intend to use them frequently. However, if you want to start a home sewing business, you should spend more money on a beginner sewing machine with more automatic features.

Number of foot accessories

Many foot accessories are unnecessary for a beginner. On the other hand, there are numerous foot accessories you'll need to finish all your sewing projects and a whole new wardrobe. Straight and zigzag patterns can be achieved with a universal foot. The FAQ section has more information on the various kinds of foot accessories.


A warranty on a sewing machine is a good idea because it is an expensive electronic device. Our list of Brother sewing machines includes machines with a 25-year warranty.


How do you thread a Brother sewing machine?

An instruction manual can help you properly thread your Brother sewing machine. Switch off the machine first. Then, raise both the needle and the presser foot. Place a spool of thread on top of the machine's spool pin. The thread guide has a groove in which the thread can be passed, and a spring is there to catch the thread. From right to left, push it through the grab lever. Begin by tying a knot on one end of the thread. From the front to the back, thread the needle.

How do you use a Brother sewing machine?

You can use a Brother sewing machine to make garments and home decor items from your own designs or from commercial patterns. This can also be used for making and decorating crafts and quilts. Sewing machines made by Brother feature a variety of features that can be tailored to meet a variety of sewing requirements.

Are there any accessories to sew cuffs and sleeves with ease?

After you buy a new sewing machine, make sure to spend some time getting to know it before using it for the first time. Sewing machines have a surprising number of intricate design features, which can be confusing to someone who is just getting started with sewing. Underneath the bobbin, the sewing machine's arm is situated.

A free arm is a sewing machine base that can be removed. In a nutshell, it reduces the area on which you work with your fabric. This is the perfect place to slip a sleeve over the shoulder. The sleeve can be kept in a circle and sewn all the way around it with ease.

This feature may not be available on all sewing machines, especially those designed for large projects like quilts. You should check if the arm can accommodate cuffs and sleeves if you plan on sewing a lot of clothing in the future

What are the advantages of a USB input, what to do with it?

Foot-powered sewing machines have long been replaced by models with USB inputs. Any pattern, project, or design with a USB input is at your fingertips. Your own embroidery patterns can be created as well. Such patterns and creations can be downloaded to a computer and saved to a USB drive. Plug the USB into the sewing machine and you're ready to go. A '.pes' file format is required for saving files in the game.


Non-computerized sewing machines like the Brother XM2701 are popular with many sewists because of their simple operation and maintenance. There are many built-in stitches, automatic needle threading, and buttonhole making on this well-liked mechanical machine. Overall, the XM2701 is an excellent sewing machine for a variety of projects.

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