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Top 11 Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 7:38 AM

Chicago Cutlery produces a wide variety of knife sets for the kitchen that are aimed squarely at the home chef market thanks to their low prices. When it first opened its doors in 1930, the company's sole offering was to sharpen knives. Professional knives for the meat and poultry business were in high demand, so they began producing them. Chicago Cutlery knives didn't hit store shelves until 1969.


Knives by Chicago Cutlery were first manufactured there. You and I both probably got our first taste of butcher knives in the 1970s and 1980s, when they were the ubiquitous robust old models with wooden handles. They still have the one they got from my grandparents and use it all the time. But the company was acquired in the late 1980s, and production was relocated to China. Unfortunately, this means that modern knives by the Chicago Cutlery company aren't identical to the classic blades the company was known for in the past. Chicago Cutlery is now one of several kitchen and homewares brands owned by Corelle Brands.

Despite the company's evolution, Chicago Cutlery is still well-known for their attractive and surprisingly cheap kitchen knife sets. The knives have blades crafted from high-carbon stainless steel. Although the specific steel used is not published, a thorough examination of numerous reviews and debates on knife forums suggests that it is at least as good as 420 steel. The knives are razor sharp when first removed from the packaging, but the softer steel means they will need to be sharpened frequently. This cheaper steel also contributes to the Chicago Cutlery sets' low price.

When it comes to knives, Chicago Cutlery has you covered with a wide selection of both forged and stamped options, including many that have full tangs and bolsters. Wood, polymer, and stainless steel handles are just some of the options. Chicago Cutlery is popular among amateur cooks because of the wide selection of high-quality knife blocks it sells for reasonable pricing. You may discover a fashionable set that won't break the bank that includes all the necessary kitchen knives as well as steak knives.

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Buying Guide


One of the first things you'll notice about Chicago Cutlery knives is their affordable price.

In fact, the price of a single Chef's knife from premium manufacturers like Wusthof or Shun is greater than the cost of a whole collection of knives from Chicago Cutlery.

Knife Collections

Blades from various collections can be found at Chicago Cutlery. Finding what you need or discovering something new that you'll enjoy won't be an issue. Having so many choices, however, might be overwhelming.

Individual knives and knife sets are available from Chicago Cutlery. On the other hand, they have a wider variety of knife sets than individual knives.

Buying a knife from Chicago Cutlery is easiest when done in collections. So that you know what to anticipate, I will take you on a tour of their most popular collections and describe their most notable characteristics. Remember that the vast majority of these items feature convenient knife blocks.


Blades from Chicago Cutlery are crafted from the highest quality stainless steel. Due to the carbon content, the alloy is more durable and less likely to corrode, discolor, or develop pits.

Chicago Cutlery is a high-end cutlery brand, however unlike many others, they don't reveal the precise steel they use.

Certain steel alloys are better at keeping their sharpness over time. Chicago Cutlery does not disclose information on the quality of its steel, so we cannot evaluate it.

Materials used for the grips on the bags change from set to set. Some collections, like the Malden, use stainless steel for its knobs and pulls, while others, like the Metropolitan, use polymer.

With the majority of collections opting for ergonomic or curved design, the handle will rest snugly in your palm.


Collection to collection, the framework shifts in appearance. Chicago Cutlery produces both stamped and forged blades.

Where is the distinction?

Blades for stamped knives are laser-cut from a thick sheet of steel and then sharpened and heat-treated.

However, forged blades are shaped by heating a bar of steel and pounding it into form. You'll pay extra for these blades because they're more substantial and long-lasting than stamped ones. If you can't decide between two collections but still have some money left over, go with the forged one.

Blades are available in both forged and stamped varieties; forged blades can be found in the Malden, Fusion, and Avondale collections, while stamped blades can be found in the Metropolitan and Essentials lines.

Handle Material

The material of the handle is a crucial detail that must be taken into account. The majority of knives have metal or plastic grips, however other materials are also available. When possible, you should always choose for metal or wooden handles over plastic or rubber ones. You can get knives with ergonomic or classic designs on the handle; the best knife for you depends on your hand size and the tasks you plan to use it for.


The size of the knife set is another factor to consider. This includes not only the physical dimensions but also the total weight of the set. Pick a knife block that's manageable in size and weight for safe transport and convenient storage without sacrificing functionality.


Are Chicago Cutlery Knives Dishwasher Safe?

Chicago Cutlery advises washing its knives by hand "with a soapy cloth and dry immediately," as the carbon component in the "stainless" steel blades might cause the dishwasher to damage and nick the blades prematurely, as well as leave ugly stains and corrosion.

Does Chicago Cutlery Make Good Knives?

The answer to this question, of course, depends on how you define "good." There can be found both high-quality and low-quality kitchen knives on the market. Chicago Cutlery's knives are not the highest quality available, but they are also not particularly cheap. In conclusion, if you're looking for a decent, large set of knives for your home kitchen that won't break the budget, these are a wonderful option.

How do you take care of Chicago Cutlery? 

Chicago Cutlery requires a hand wash and a quick dry. Since dishwashing detergents are often abrasive and can damage knife handles, handwashing is the best way to extend the life of your knives, in addition to regular use of the Dual Sharpener for upkeep.

Put your Chicago Cutlery knives away safely in a wooden block. The blades will wear out more quickly and unevenly if they are just thrown into a drawer. Knife accidents can also occur when reaching for a knife in a drawer, so keeping knives in a safe, accessible block is essential.

Is Chicago Cutlery Worth It?

This Chicago Cutlery knife set review concludes that the company's wares are excellent and should be purchased. Customers gush over their knives and knife sets since they are both reasonably priced and reliable for a very long time with regular care.

Whether you're a novice just starting out or a seasoned professional, these knives will be an asset to your kitchen. Chicago Cutlery's goods are lauded for their adaptability and longevity, while the company itself is given a resounding ovation.


With this information in hand, do you still intend to purchase Chicago Cutlery?

How good are these blades?

The low cost is Chicago Cutlery's key selling point. The best way to describe the price of these knives is as low. They won't last forever, but you won't have to go into debt to replace them if they dull or chip.

Chicago Cutlery does the job, and they have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. You can get better performance with other, more expensive brands, but you can't beat the price.

Chicago Cutlery is a great option if you need good knives but have a limited budget.

Chicago Cutlery knives have flaws in their build quality and functionality. Other brands, such as Wüsthof, Zwilling, and Shun, offer superior quality, durability, and edge retention, but you won't find such features here.

I wouldn't suggest Chicago Cutlery if you have the means to purchase higher-quality knives. Other brands may be more expensive, but they are constructed to last a lifetime. To simplify the process of preparing meals, especially if you prepare from scratch every day.

The high-end brands you know and love often have their own budget-friendly lines of products that can serve as a suitable substitute for your Chicago Cutlery purchases. We recommend the Henckels International or Wüsthof Gourmet sets. Both sets contain inexpensive stamped knives made by well-known manufacturers, but at a fraction of the price.

You may compare prices and read customer reviews of Chicago Cutlery knives on Amazon if you're still looking.

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