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Best Cupping Therapy : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Feb 28, 2024 6:04 PM

This ancient Chinese practice of cupping has recently gained popularity in the West. This all-natural treatment not only eases discomfort, but also boosts skin quality and general wellness.

Cupping therapy can help those with poor circulation, back stress, pain, tightness, arthritis, or gout. In addition to helping with relaxation, it also aids in digestion and breathing.

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Buying Guide


You can get cupping sets made of glass, plastic, and even silicone. Pick the ones that will last a long time and are of good quality. Therefore, you can keep using them for a longer period of time without worrying about their suction force diminishing.

Today, silicone cups dominate the market. The alternative is to go with plastic ones, which are lightweight, see-through, and durable. High suction power is provided by these.

Biomagnetic needles

As an alternative to the traditional needling cupping technique, in which an acupuncturist inserts a needle into the skin before placing a cup over it, some cups come with replaceable magnetic points, termed biomagnetic needles. The magnetic components of the cups apply pressure on acupuncture points without actually penetrating the skin.

Suction Power

The success of cupping therapy is directly related on the strength of the suction. Select cups that will suction without requiring undue effort. As was previously indicated, the suction created by silicone cups is gentler and more pleasant.

The Shape Of The Cups

The best cupping sets will feature a firm grip that will allow the cups to be readily applied to the skin without slipping. Compared to pointed cups, rounded ones are less prone to leave bruises on the skin.

Cup size

A high-quality cupping set will include cups ranging in diameter from very small (0.7 inches) to very large (2.7 inches), with a number of sizes in between. For the back and shoulders, a larger cup size is preferable, whereas the neck and even the face benefit more from a smaller cup size.

Dry Cupping vs. Wet Cupping

Possessing a cupping set that can be used both with and without oil (dry cupping) is a nice bit of versatility to have.

Use the cups with oil and glide them across your skin to "reverse massage" your muscles and fascia and increase circulation.

This method of cupping does not leave marks, but you shouldn't use oil in all cups.

You have more flexibility with ones that function well with oil.


Lower quality cups may lose their suction over time, which can be a problem over the long term.

You won't get the most out of your cupping set unless it's well-made and meant to withstand a lot of use.

Ease of Use

You want a set that is not only effective, but also makes it easy to use, unless your goal is to have a faithful replica of traditional Chinese cupping therapy, which involves fire and glass.

If putting on your cups is a major pain, you probably won't use them as often or maximize their benefits.

Cups that are simple to use are those that don't require the assistance of a therapist or friend.


You can find cupping sets for anywhere between $20 and $240. Professional glassware is where you'll want to spend your money. For as low as $60, though, you can purchase a silicone cupping set made for medical use.

Price ranges from $25 to $50 for a set of suction cups designed for cupping, with the average being between four and eight cups. A suction gun-equipped set of 10 to 24 cups can be purchased for around $20 to $35.


What's the difference between dry cupping and wet cupping?

The cupping cup is applied to the skin in one location and left there for three to thirty minutes in dry cupping. When performing wet cupping, a cup is first placed to induce suction, after which it is removed and an incision is created in the same location. Another cup is used to extract more blood; therefore, the term "bleeding cupping." Some alternative health experts believe that this method is effective at eliminating toxins.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Historically, this method was created in Chinese medicine and employed animal horns to remove pus and blood from boils.

Over time, it evolved into a strategy for releasing blocked "chi" (energy) and reestablishing the body's organic energy flow.

It is believed that stagnant chi is related to poor circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, and that vacuum cupping can assist improve these conditions by removing waste products and promoting healing.

The suction loosens the fascia and the muscles that are too tight and are pressing against the bone.


The introduction of new blood into the area aids in restoring normal cellular activity.

It is common knowledge that massage therapy can relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Similar to how pushing towards the body can loosen muscles, cupping can do the opposite by drawing the muscles away from the body.

With the tissue layers separated, fluids can more easily enter the tissues, facilitating healing and restoring mobility.

This is why patients who undergo cupping therapy report feeling as though they have just finished a deeply relaxing massage.

Is Vacuum Cupping Therapy Right for You?

By drawing out impurities and re-routing blood and chi (life force energy), cupping has a positive effect on the health of anyone who gives it a try.

If you are suffering from pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, low immunity, digestive issues, insomnia, or low energy, vacuum cupping therapy may be able to help.

One study found that cupping therapy was more effective than progressive muscle relaxation at relieving neck pain.

In addition to its many other uses, cupping can help firm and tone skin and reduce cellulite.


Try cupping therapy if you're open to trying new, non-invasive methods of pain alleviation.

Many folks who were initially put off by its appearance found they greatly enjoyed it.

Myofascial release and muscular relaxation are two of the many benefits.

Those who find relief from massage or the use of a foam roller are likely to appreciate cupping therapy as well.

Silicone cups are user-friendly, so trying them out is simple.

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