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Best Dollhouse For Adults Of 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 7:29 AM

You are not alone if your increased time spent at home gets you daydreaming of a major renovation project. The future of house design is undoubtedly going to be influenced by the fact that we now conduct practically every part of our lives from home, from work to virtual happy hours.

While some home improvement tasks (hello, bar carts and soothing paint colors!) may be completed in a day or two, others (like remodeling the kitchen, building a bar in the basement, or laying down a new patio) require more time and effort.

If you're in a hurry and would want to solve some of your design problems on a smaller scale (say, one inch: one foot) first, you're in luck: Dollhouse and miniature design is more sophisticated than ever, with big inspiration for tiny furniture cropping up all over Instagram and Etsy.

Listed here are some of the most influential miniature designers, stores, and exhibitions we've come across. Best wishes for some joyful (miniature) embellishing!

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Buying Guide

Right-Sized Miniature

When deciding on a dollhouse size, it's important to take into account available floor space as well as the level of detail you'd like to achieve.

The optimum design and measurements for the dollhouse kit can be determined by thinking about its intended function. Is the pleasure of putting it together the primary goal? Would you do this with a kid? When you build that dollhouse, do you plan to use it as a decoration or give it as a present? What if kids don't use the dollhouse as a plaything?

Room and Floor

Dollhouses range in size from a single room measuring just one square foot to a whole four-foot tall, three-story home. Make a choice as to whether you want to concentrate on one specific area or the entire property. Think on where you're going to put the dollhouse once it's finished.

Dollhouses come in a variety of designs, some with open backs, some with open fronts or fronts that open up, so you'll need to decide which works best for your display needs.


Dollhouses in miniature have furnishings and fixtures that are also scaled down to fit. One foot (12 inches) in real life is reduced to one inch (or less) in the dollhouse.

Miniatures for dollhouses typically come in either 1:12 (one-inch scale) or 1:24 (two inches to one foot) (half-inch scale). Building a dollhouse to a smaller size requires more time, precision, and patience because of the increased complexity of the structure. The purpose of the dollhouse (for play or decoration) and your own sense of style might also influence your decision regarding the appropriate scale.

Skill level

Anyone over the age of 13 is advised to stay away from our wooden dollhouse kits. Dollhouse kits aren't difficult to put together and don't necessitate any specialized knowledge or training, but they are best tackled by people who enjoy working with their hands. Taking a look at your timetable is also highly recommended. Time is often a significant factor when it comes to completing a dollhouse kit's assembly, wallpapering, and painting. If you're interested in going this path but don't have a lot of spare time to devote to a project, a more basic kit may be for you.


Traditionally, a wooden dollhouse has been used because of its durability and reliability. However, not all dollhouses are crafted from the same types of wood. The wood's type and thickness are both customizable. Plywood and 1/8-inch-thick woods are used to create dollhouses that are more affordable. Baltic birch or medium-density fiberboard dollhouses are on the opposite extreme of the scale (MDF). MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product that is created by transforming hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers. For the greatest results, use Baltic birch or 3/8-inch-thick MDF for building a dollhouse.


Is a long-lasting dollhouse something you're looking for? Or something that can be handed down through generations? If so, you should get a dollhouse made of 3/8-inch MDF or Baltic birch, which are the industry standards for durability. You can buy a dollhouse made of less robust wood cut to 1/8 inch if you're just looking for a fun endeavor or if you plan to give the dollhouse to a child who might not take the best care of it.


You may wish to get an open-sided dollhouse if you intend to have several people playing at once. Keep in mind that you might not be able to lean a dollhouse against a wall if it includes decorative elements like porches or balconies on the front and back.


Although certain dollhouses—typically cheaper and smaller plastic ones—may already be completed, this is rarely the case. You can get a feel for how challenging the procedure is by reading reviews written by other shoppers. If you want to avoid having eager children harass you as you build, you might want to assemble the dollhouse ahead of time if it's a present. Dollhouses constructed of unfinished wood can be customized however the buyer sees fit.


When were dollhouses invented?

Contrary to popular belief, the earliest dollhouses weren't meant to be played with. The affluent Europeans of the 1500s utilized the so-called "baby houses" to showcase their miniature collections of fine furniture and other household items. Children's "dollhouses" have been a popular toy since their inception in the 17th and 18th centuries.

What scale are dollhouses?

The scale of a dollhouse affects the kind of furnishings you can use in it. Scales of 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24, and 1:48 are the most typical for dollhouses. Some scales are more common in children's toys, while others are more popular among collectors. Most playhouses for younger children are built to a 1:12 ratio, whereas Barbie homes are frequently built to a 1:6 scale. All the rest are for collectors, normally.

Why are my dollhouse shingles bubbling up?

To prevent the shingles from curling, avoid using a water-based adhesive on your dollhouse roof. Many professionals in the field of miniature construction advise using wood glue or another low-moisture glue to secure the shingles to the roof.


If you are short on time but still want to find the finest dollhouse for adults, or you are just searching for something different, I hope this has been helpful.

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Have fun with your DIY projects!

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