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Best Log Grabber : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  May 30, 2024 8:47 AM

Whether in the shape of an indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit, an open fire offers the perfect environment for you to kick back and enjoy a nice cosy evening.

However, managing your fire might be a little tough without a nice pair of fireplace tongs. Designed for handling hot materials, fireplace tongs allow you to safely add or modify burning logs (or coal) (or coal). This keeps the fire hot, reduces ash, and makes for a more delightful experience.

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Another way to put this might be, “how important are fireplace tongs to you?” You should consider before you start shopping exactly how significant a nice set of tongs are to your life.

If you often find yourself in front of a fire, a nice pair of tongs is a terrific choice for enhancing your safety and fire-making talents.

Alternatively, if you’re only interested in tongs for the occasional occasion that you make a fire, your spending can be substantially less.

Whichever case describes you, you should determine on how much you want to spend early on so that you can avoid options that are outside of your budget.


As you may have noticed, fireplace tongs are primarily created out of steel or wrought iron. Steel can stand up to the elements a little better, but, wrought iron is commonly coated with rust-resistant substance to counteract the elements.

There is great controversy in the outdoor community about whether or not you should acquire wrought iron or steel implements for your fire, including tongs. Most of the advise seems to go tilt towards deciding what types of fires you’ll be burning. If most of your fires will be outdoors, go with steel tongs. If you have an indoor fireplace, wrought iron is likely best.

While we don’t have any stainless steel tongs on this list, they do exist. This is typically considered the best material for tongs. They are sturdy, resilient, and require no maintenance. However, you’ll pay a premium for stainless steel.


Fireplace Tongs exist in two distinct forms, scissor-type units and pincer type units. In usually the two type perform precisely the same. However, during our investigation and testing, we discovered that pincer type units are generally more reliable and require less maintenance.

This is due to pincer tongs having fewer hinges and a thicker construction. The problem of pincer fireplace tongs is you have to open them up totally to grip along.

Scissor type tongs on the other hand are normally easier to handle, but have a bit less strength and are more prone to failure. Overall though, they both function exceptionally well and all the selections in our list of the best fire tongs were verified for strength, durability and reliability. So no matter which you choose, you can rest guaranteed your tongs will be of the greatest quality.


When it comes to fireplace tongs, the longer they are, the safer they should be. However, if they get too long you’ll have difficulties managing and moving logs as they will be too heavy at the end of the tongs.

Typically you’ll require a set of tongs in the range of 26”-42”. This is the perfect spot where they are long enough to protect you from the flames, but not too long so as to cause difficulties carrying logs.

Weight rating

You want a pair of tongs that are sturdy enough to lift hefty logs or coals without problem. Many manufacturers include a weight rating for their tongs so you know precisely how much you can lift. In general, a pair of tongs that can handle at least 15 pounds is desired.

If a manufacturer doesn’t give a weight rating for their tongs, it may be a clue that they can’t handle much weight. It’s a good guess that the tongs could only hold roughly 5 pounds at once, so it may be best to avoid them.


Fireplace tongs should have comfortable, ergonomically constructed handles that are easy to hold and maneuver. Most have one-size-fits-all handles designed to fit in most hands well. If you have really large or very small hands, you may need to browse around for a pair that’s a good fit for you.


While a decent set of fireplace tongs are important for every wood-burning fireplace, there are a few additional items that you might want to pick up as well.

These can help insulate you from the flames and provide you an overall more comfortable experience on those cold winter nights. We’ve produced a list of our favourite selections that go wonderfully well with any set of fire tongs.


If you diverge from our list and search out different fireplace tongs, you’ll quickly learn that there are seemingly unlimited possibilities. When it comes to examining any tongs that catch your eye, one of the best things you can do is to consider the reviews and ratings produced by verified consumers.

Don’t put all your faith merely in the claims being made by the producer of the goods. Read over a good amount of reviews, see what they liked, what they disliked, and think about if they were using the tongs in the same way that you will be.


Warranties say eloquently about a company’s loyalty to its product. Only one of the tongs we examined has a lifetime replacement warranty, and that’s one reason why they got the top rank on our list.

While many online merchants will offer a 30-day replacement option with every purchase, a warranty offers an added degree of security in case the tongs fail suddenly.


Why do I need fireplace tongs?

When a fire is burning, it’s typical for the logs to shift and move as they burn. Depending on how they move, there may be a reduction in airflow, greater smoke, or a higher volume of ash. By maintaining the logs in a tidy, compact pile, you may limit the smoke and ash and keep the fire burning evenly.

Tongs are also a crucial safety equipment. They’re a must-have if any bits of wood fall out of the fireplace or fall against the fireplace screen.

Should I have any other fireplace accessories to use with the tongs?

There are numerous of items that come in helpful for managing your fireplace. When it comes to managing hot logs, you may want to match your tongs with a few other crucial items. A poker is a pointed implement that can stoke the fire and shift logs that just need a small modification. Fire-resistant gloves are helpful because they protect your hands if you need to pick up flaming embers or put a wood into the fire.

Are 26 inch tongs too large for indoor fireplaces?

Most fireplace tongs are 26 inches long. That is typically too huge for interior use, even if they will perform properly if you have space. Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward yes or no to this question. It will rely on the precise size of the room that holds the fire. A small wood burner in a log cabin would certainly benefit from smaller tongs that are developed specifically for that size. If you’re going to buy any of the tongs on this list, be sure that you have enough of space. Otherwise, you’ll wind up trying to manipulate the tongs around your room. Since you’ll be working with flaming wood, this could potentially result in a deadly situation.

Will the tongs conduct heat and burn my hands?

Any tongs you buy will conduct heat if they’re left in the fire. However, for feeding the fire with longs or adjusting burning logs, you won’t feel the heat on your hands with any of the tongs on this list. You simply need to make sure that you don’t leave the tongs in the heat, and you’ll be OK.


Fire tongs are just as crucial to have as a well-constructed fireplace. They promote safety when tending to open fires. However, to ensure you have the best experience, you need to acquire the best fireplace tong you can afford.

Our top recommendations reviewed above might help you limit down to some of the greatest models on the market without spending so much time surfing the web.

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