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Top 15 Best Mid Range Brother Sewing Machine Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Dec 2, 2022 12:19 PM

Brother is a well-known brand of sewing machines, having been in business for more than a century. Have you ever been curious about the cost of a Brother sewing machine? For one thing, these popular models come at a reasonable cost!

Basic mechanical Brother sewing machines cost $150 to $200 on the open market. The price of a computerized Brother sewing machine with advanced features is between $500 and $700. Sewing and embroidery functions are included in the most expensive Brother sewing machines, which can cost upwards of $18,000.

You'll learn about Brother sewing machines in this article. Depending on your requirements, you'll learn which Brother models are most suitable. Discover where to buy a Brother sewing machine right now, at last!

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Buying Guide

Size, weight, and portability are the first three factors to consider.

The first three things to think about are the size, weight, and portability of a device.

Beginners should consider investing in a full-size sewing machine so that they have more options when it comes to sewing projects.

There are smaller, more portable sewing machines on the market, but their utility is limited. Even though they're less expensive, they can only do the bare minimum.

When the sewing arm is removed, you can still sew small items on all of these machines because they all come with a free arm.

The weight of a sewing machine varies depending on the machine's design and functions. If you plan to take your sewing machine with you, look for a machine that is easy to transport.

Mechanical vs. Computerized

Simple sewing machines without a computer are known as mechanical sewing machines. In general, computerized sewing machines have more features. In addition to being more expensive, they have fewer advantages.

It's one of my favorite sewing machines because the LCD screen and user interface are easier for beginners to understand. It can also be used to sew without a pedal.

Mechanical machines, on the other hand, are simpler for non-technical users because they offer fewer options.

Setup and Automatic Features

The automatic needle threader from Brother is simple to use.

Consider purchasing a beginner sewing machine with additional automatic features that reduce setup and sewing time and effort if you are looking to increase ease of use.

The automatic needle threader, for example, is a lifesaver for many sewers with limited vision or dexterity. If you can't find the needle hole on your own, don't worry!

It's also faster for beginners to use a sewing machine with a one-step automatic buttonhole rather than a four-step manual one.

Beginners will appreciate the convenience of the drop-in bobbin that comes standard on all Brother machines.

Safety Cover

Make sure the Brother sewing machine you're considering has a safety cover to protect it from dust and wear and tear while it's in storage. There are a variety of options, and while basic models don't come with hardcovers, a soft cover helps keep the book clean and scratch-resistant.

Presser Feet Options

Make sure that your Brother sewing machine has the correct presser feet for the type of stitching you'll be doing. Most sewing machines come equipped with zipper and buttonhole presser feet, but more advanced sewers will likely require additional presser feet.

Stitches Per Minute

Is your goal to learn how to sew or to be able to quickly quilt a large amount of fabric at a time? A Brother sewing machine's speed will be determined by this. 850 stitches per minute is a typical rate, but some machines can produce nearly twice as many stitches per minute.

These are great for stitching long rows of material..

Free Arm

The free arm feature on most Brother sewing machines makes it simple to sew cylinder shapes. You can easily repair sleeves and sew clothing when you have a free arm.

Included Presser Feet

Using presser feet keeps the fabric in place as you sew. Allows you to perform specialized tasks with specialized feet. It's nice to have several presser feet included with your sewing machine, but it shouldn't be a deal breaker when choosing a sewing machine. The cost of additional presser feet is low and can be purchased on their own.

Buttonhole Process

A one-step automatic buttonhole can be created with more advanced machines. You press the buttonhole presser foot's buttonhole button, and the machine makes an auto-sized buttonhole in a single motion. Brother sewing machines, on the other hand, have a four-step manual buttonhole feature. Making a buttonhole like this is more time consuming and difficult.

Detachable Extension Table

Quilting machines, in particular, may come with an additional wide table that can be removed. Large projects, such as quilts, comforters, and costumes, can be held securely with this.


What is the Most Expensive Brother Sewing Machine?

When it comes to the most expensive Brother sewing machine, you can expect to pay between $18,000 and $25,000 for the Luminaire Innov-is XP2.

Most of Brother's sewing, embroidery, and quilting machines are available on Amazon through the company's Amazon store. However, Amazon does not list the incredibly expensive Luminarie line. On the company's US website, you can instead request pricing.

You can also search for a Brother dealer in your area. This representative has more information about this professional-grade model.

How much is this sewing machine worth compared to a typical automobile? In addition to sewing, quilting, and embroidery, this futuristic machine has a variety of other features.

It's also a very advanced technology. An LAN connection to a PC is included, as well as access to the My Stitch app. A tablet or smartphone can be used to set controls and make design changes using the app.

In addition, you'll receive notifications when it's time to replace thread spools with the app. Now you can wirelessly transfer patterns from your phone to the sewing machine!

In addition, Brother's StitchVision technology is available on the Luminaire models. Before you begin sewing, you can see how your design will appear on the fabric using this method.

In addition, the machine's physical design is a standout feature. On this massive machine, you'll find 65" of work space and a 13.1" needle-to-arm span.

What Is a Reasonable Price for a Sewing Machine?

In order to get a good deal on a sewing machine, you have to know what features you'll use. Good mechanical sewing machines are available for between $100 and $150. There are a wide range of prices for computerized models, ranging from a few hundred dollars up to many thousands of dollars.

As a result, the cost of special-purpose machines, such as an embroidery machine or a serger, increases. In most cases, you should budget at least $500 for a quilting machine with a longarm extension table. The price of high-tech computerized quilting machines can easily reach thousands of dollars!

As a result, embroidery machines can be pricey because they use cutting-edge technology.

Nevertheless, Brother is well-known for its low-cost models. Sewing machines from this brand are widely regarded as being of good quality at a reasonable price.

Brands like Janome and Bernina, on the other hand, specialize in selling much more expensive machines. If you're a professional sewer or a serious hobby sewer, these high-end brands may be a better fit for your needs.

Why Is Brother Such A Good Company?

Brother, which began as the Yasui Sewing Company in 1908, quickly rose to prominence as an industry leader and a key player in Japan's industrialization.

In addition to being one of the most reputable, they're also well-known for the high quality of their construction and the power of their motors. brands have been around for a long time and are still around today.

Most people know that Brother's sewing machines will last a long time if they buy one of their machines, even if it is a less expensive model. Because they care so much about what their customers want, they are known for their exceptional after-sale service.

"Superior quality and diligent service" is still the company's guiding principle.

What Should You Expect From A Brother Sewing Machine?

As a result, you can expect a machine that is up to the task. Also, Brother sewing machines are known for their ease of use, so you won't get any complicated features.

An intermediate sewer should have no problem mastering even their most advanced models and embroidery sewing machines. All of the materials are high-quality thanks to over 100 years of perfecting their machines, and many come with useful accessories.

You can get feeder dogs that have smooth, automatic threading and a lot of built-in stitches compared to some of the lower-quality feeder dogs out there.

Variety is something else you can count on from Brother sewing machines. There is a machine for every type of stitching, for every project size, and for every skill level, thanks to their extensive product line.

As a general rule, you can expect even the most basic products in their line to last for a long time, even if they're not the most expensive ones.


Hope this list of Brother sewing machine reviews helps you choose your next sewing machine companion!

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