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16 Best Outdoor Soccer Goals We've Tested 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 8:21 AM

The soccer goals are really important. You want them to be the proper size for your game, sturdy enough to withstand the weather and terrain, and long-lasting enough to last for many seasons.

This compilation of the finest soccer nets features a wide range of options that can be used by pros, amateurs, schools, kids, training facilities, and even in your own garden.

I've included everything from the absolute top-tier to more affordable options for every kind of shopper. Here are targets for all of your players, whether you plan on putting them away or leaving them out.

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Buying Guide

Frame Materials

Backyard soccer goals that are portable and built around a frame can be made from a variety of materials, as I mentioned before. Here, we'll focus on the most common building supplies.


When compared to the other most common frame materials, aluminum is by far the best. This material is expensive but long-lasting and resistant to rust. That's why professional-level tournament and league goals are made of aluminum.

If you're looking for a cheap soccer goal for your backyard, you generally shouldn't go with one that has an aluminum frame.


Backyard soccer goals are typically four to six feet in height, and they have a standing frame design. Steel is the material of choice for these types of goals. Much more affordable than aluminum, and the quality is acceptable. In that case, steel-made frames may be the best option.


PVC is an acronym for polyvinyl chloride, a thermoplastic substance created by polymerizing vinyl chloride.

Now you know that the PVC frame is a plastic choice. There are benefits and drawbacks to a PVC frame.

These alternatives are lightweight and convenient for portability. To put it simply, the cost is less than that of steel frames. To sum up, I can't say that these are a bad pick for some backyard fun.

The goals here are simple to put together and are also convenient to transport and store.

Plastic frames are more cost-effective, but they don't last as long as metal ones. It's plain to see. The adage "you get what you pay for" is always true.


When portability is a priority, fiberglass is another excellent material option.

Full-size fiberglass soccer goals are equally robust. The fiberglass structure makes up the bulk of the pop-up net. Both the pop-up and the free-standing varieties can be found in this material.

Of the available choices, this one allows you to get up and running the quickest.

Soccer Goal Size

When shopping for a soccer goal for your team, league, or player, it's important to keep in mind that there are different sizes for different ages. For example, on a field that's 15 yards wide and 20 yards long, a goal measuring 4 feet in height and 6 feet in width is required for children aged 7 to 9, while a goal measuring 8 feet in height and 24 feet in width is required for children aged 10 and up.


Choose between a fixed soccer goal that can't be moved or a portable one that folds up, weighs next to nothing, and can be stowed away in a closet. Soccer can be trained, practiced, and played on public fields using portable games.

These can be set up in areas where long-term planning isn't necessary, as they are inexpensive and come in a range of sizes. The portability of the Bownet 3' x 5' Mini Soccer Goal has made it a popular choice among soccer fans.

The permanent or semi-permanent soccer ball is heavier and more expensive, but it is also very stable, durable, and reliable. Every major league team, school, and stadium needs these.

Pole Quality

The longevity of the objective is determined by the quality of the poles, which is the most crucial component. If you don't choose targets that provide maximum stability, you'll suffer severe consequences very quickly. It is also crucial that the poles be constructed with high-quality chemicals, so you may want to look into that.

Net Attachments

Today's leading manufacturers are introducing game-changing safety features to their products in an effort to increase their average lifespan, and some of these innovations have already won over consumers' hearts. So, for instance, the nets are strengthened by shock-absorbing technology so that they can withstand even the most powerful kicks. However, the robust locking mechanism significantly increases the steadiness.


Can I Use Running Shoes for Soccer? 

Even while you can play in regular shoes, cleats or soccer boots will give you a significant performance boost.

Why are soccer balls black and white?

When soccer was initially broadcast on television, it was in black and white, therefore the combination of black and white on the ball helped spectators see the ball more clearly.

Can I install a soccer goal to play in my backyard on my own?

Installation of soccer goals in the backyard is a breeze because of how user-friendly the equipment is made to be. The installation time for some of the most popular models on the market is as minimal as three minutes.

Should I get a portable or a permanent soccer goal?

The final decision is heavily weighted toward the customer's taste. However, there is a small benefit to using portable soccer goals because they can be taken anywhere. Conversely, long-term targets are more reliable.


Keep in mind that soccer is more than simply a sport; it's a way of life. To top it all off, we soccer players should have the best training facilities possible. When shopping for soccer goals, it's important to avoid putting price above durability and longevity. Be picky about whatever portable goal you buy, as the ability to remain sturdy and hard on the ground is crucial for a backyard soccer goal.

We've compiled a list of the top portable soccer goals on the market, with the highest quality and lowest price points, and we think you'll find it useful. To that end, we've included a buyer's guide and a short frequently asked questions section in the hopes of answering any questions you might have about these best portable soccer goals. Leave a comment telling us whether you have already located the perfect backyard soccer goal, and check back with us soon for more riveting sporting news!

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