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Best Real Leather Recliner Of 2024: Completed List

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 7:42 AM

As a homeowner who gives equal importance to form and function, I can attest to the significance of locating a high-quality leather chair.

It is worth the effort to select a recliner that can last the test of time, as a well-made, comfy one can last for years (or even decades) with the proper care.

Furthermore, let's be sincere:

Furniture is ridiculously pricey, especially if we're talking about high-quality materials like leather.

While there are ways to cut prices (such as by choosing less expensive leather for the upholstery) it's still a significant investment, so it's worth your time to do some homework to make sure you get the most for your money.

So, let me explain why I'm writing this post.

Below, we've rounded up dozens of the top recliners on the market and arranged them by price range to help you find the perfect match for your house and your budget while still finding a fashionable, robust, comfy, and well-made leather chair.

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Buying Guide

Types of Leather Recliners

Recliners are widely available, so you can choose from a variety of styles. Your initial choice should be between the following broad categories.

Standard Recliner

The two positions of a typical recliner are fully up and fully back, and they are activated by a lever on the side of the chair or by leaning back into the chair. Recliners typically need at least four inches of clearance on either side so that they can be fully reclined without hitting walls or getting in the way of foot movement. Inexpensive and long-lasting thanks to a straightforward mechanism, these recliners could be the perfect addition to your living room for reading, watching TV, or cuddling with a pet or small child on your lap.

Automatic Recliner

Pressing a button activates a system in motorized (or automatic) recliners that allows the user to raise and lower the backrest.

People who have problems pulling a lever or putting their weight on the back of a regular chair may find this to be a more convenient option. Just push the button and relax as you're whisked away. The power lift feature is available on some models of power recliners and helps the user get out of the chair with minimal effort. This is a great option for those who have trouble stepping over thick pillows.

Wall Hugger

A wall hugger recliner (also known as a wallaway recliner) is mounted on a track and glides forward along the track as you recline, as opposed to back and forth. This allows the recliner to be pushed up against a wall, which is ideal for homes with limited floor space.

A wall hugger's design means it can only recline about 45 degrees, which is less than what you'd get from a regular or power recliner. In other cases, the restricted angle actually makes it simpler to get in and out of the chair.

Recliner Sofa or Loveseat

Full and two-seater couches and loveseats are both available as recliners. You can choose between manual and powered models, and in certain cases, you may even be able to specify whether or not you want all of the chairs to recline. During family movie night, for example, reclining sofas might be a great option because they allow everyone to recline to their ideal position.


Even if a reclining chair is made with high-quality foam, it's still helpful to have some seat cushions for extra support and comfort.

As an added bonus, if the cushions are also crafted from leather, the whole thing can have a more refined look thanks to the consistent material choice.

Frame Material

If you're in the market for a leather recliner, it's crucial to check out the frame as well. It's much too common for consumers to spend money on high-quality leather that would last for decades, only to have the frame break after a few years.

Only purchase a recliner with a robust hardwood or steel frame.

Reclining Mechanism

At this juncture, you'll need to choose between reclining chairs with a manual and an electric system.

There isn't much of an advantage to going the electronic route, and you'll need to make sure your recliner is situated near an electrical outlet.

Most mechanical ones are simple to operate and may quickly and easily put you in a relaxing position.


A recliner's size should be chosen with consideration for both the available space and the dimensions of the primary user. When looking at recliners, be sure to consider the seat height. You can also use the distance from your knee to your heel to determine if the recliner is too tiny for you. A person who is 6 feet and 2 inches tall may find that a chair with a typical seat height of 19 inches is uncomfortable. Before purchasing a recliner, it is a good idea to take accurate measurements of the available area. Determine who will be using the chair the most, how much weight each user will be, and their height.

Weight Capacity

Remember that while most high-quality recliners are robust and durable enough to support a heavier person, the weight capacity can be tested when other family members (children, pets, and teenagers) try to use the chair at the same time. This is a common problem with mechanical recliners and can be quite expensive to fix.

Standard chair weight limits are between 250 and 300 pounds. However, a new category of single-person recliners that can support up to 500 pounds has emerged to meet the growing demand for these products.

Leather Type

There are both real leather and imitation leather options for recliners. High-quality top-grain leather, which lasts a long time and feels great against the skin, is utilized to craft the greatest genuine leather models (unlike the grainier split-hide leather more commonly used for car interiors).

Bonded leather, a fabric blend produced from actual leather shavings, polyurethane, and cotton, is used to make some recliners. Although it has the look and feel of genuine leather, its durability is inferior to that of top-grain leather.

Faux leather, often a thermoplastic material with a texture similar to that of genuine leather, is used to upholster many high-quality recliners. A better imitation of top-grain leather is now possible thanks to technological advancements, but it still won't quite cut it. It's animal-friendly and easy to maintain; all it takes to clean up after an accident is a moist cloth.


What Kind Of Material Is Best For A Recliner?

Leather is widely used because it is long-lasting and simple to maintain in furniture like recliners. Fabric or microfiber can also be used. You should pick something that feels good against your skin and can be easily cleaned if it gets dirty.

How Much Does A Good Leather Recliner Cost?

A leather reclining chair can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the design and level of craftsmanship. In the range of $500 and $1,000, you can find a standard leather reclining chair with no extra trimmings or functions. There are high-end models that can cost more than $3,000 due to their additional features including massage functions and heated chairs.

What Is The Best Brand Of Leather Recliner Chair?

Popular leather recliner brands include Valencia Tuscany, Fjords, Flash Furniture, Ashley Furniture, and Lane. You can choose the perfect one for your home from the many different designs and colors offered by these different businesses.

Is It OK To Sleep In A Recliner Every Night?

As long as there is proper support for your head, neck, and lower back, you should be fine sleeping in a recliner every night. In fact, persons with acid reflux, sleep apnea, or back pain may find relief from sleeping in a recliner. However, before deciding to make your chair your permanent bed, it's a good idea to acquire the opinion of a medical specialist.

Is A Leather Recliner Better Than A Fabric Recliner?

In the end, it's a matter of taste. It's true that a chair upholstered in genuine leather will endure far longer than one in any other material. Like fine wine, leather improves with age, becoming even more refined and buttery in texture. While cloth may take more upkeep, it is much more cozy and nice to curl up against. Furthermore, unlike leather, which is only available in a few different tones, there is a much wider range of colors, patterns, and prints from which to choose.


The finest part of having a quality leather recliner in your home is knowing you can relax at the end of a long day by reclining back and letting the day's stress melt away. Another perk is that, unlike certain fabric sofas, high-end leather recliners are hypoallergenic and won't bother allergy sufferers with loose fibers. It's also a breeze to keep them pristine. Some models of recliner even have a transport wheel at the back, allowing you to effortlessly relocate it from room to room.

There are a few considerations you should make before making your first purchase of a high-end leather chair. The weight limit, the ease of use, the reclining angle, and the availability of a warranty are the most important aspects to think about when purchasing a chair. In addition to this, you should search for additional features in your best leather recliners, such as massage and swivel capabilities, cup holders, storage areas, and so on. If you're looking to buy a recliner, it's important to first determine exactly what you'll use it for.

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