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The Best Receipt Scanners And Tracker: 2022 List

Brandon Forder
  Dec 2, 2022 2:05 PM

Keeping track of a mountain of receipts can be a difficult task when it comes to recordkeeping, especially if you travel frequently for business and need to organize them for expenditure monitoring or if you own your own business and want to take every write-off your firm is entitled to.

The use of a receipt scanner and tracker can help you control the paper and receipt tornado that has been whirling about your office for far too long.


The most advanced receipt scanners can read your receipts and retrieve useful data like the date, store, amount, and method of payment automatically. It's helpful to be able to upload receipts from different devices and generate cost reports on the fly. Find the top receipt scanners and trackers currently available if you prefer a more conventional method of tracking your purchases.

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If you need to keep tabs on employees' or contractors' spending records and receipts, a portable receipt scanner may come in handy. A portable scanner is one possible implementation of this idea.

The scanner's compact form factor is also an important portability feature. Choose a device that won't weigh you down and is compact enough to stow away in your luggage or briefcase.

Online Availability

Like mobility, the availability of a receipt scanner through the internet is incredibly useful. Connecting to accounting programs is simple and quick, which will speed up your workflow. This means you can access your receipts from anywhere, at any time.

Storage Space and Security

Take into account the scanner's limits before making a decision on physical or digital cloud storage. I was wondering if scanning receipts was something you did frequently (like once a week). Do you plan on using it sometimes, or on a regular basis throughout the year? This could be useful for estimating the space required on your computer or an external device to store scanned receipts.

Consider the storage facility's security measures carefully. It's important to use many safeguards when storing documents and receipts.

While paper records can easily be lost or ruined, their digital counterparts can fall into the wrong hands if proper safeguards aren't put in place.


Receipt scanning is a tedious but necessary task for creating financial statements. Most individuals would rather get things done as quickly as possible, and a super-fast receipt scanner could make that happen. Within 7.5 seconds, some scanners can take a clear image of your documents. If you need to scan multiple receipts quickly, this is a great option.

High-resolution scanning built for receipt paper

Receipts are more difficult to scan than other common types of papers. If not cared for properly, thermal paper, the material from which many receipts are printed, will soon fade and disintegrate. The highest quality receipt scanners can produce near-identical digital copies of paper receipts. So, even if the receipt you're scanning is a little fuzzy, you can be confident you have an exact duplicate.

Optical resolution is crucial for a receipt scanner; the higher it is, the better. If you're scanning dozens or even hundreds of receipts at once, you'll want to strike a balance between file size and image quality. The minimal minimum for image quality from a scanner is 150 dots per linear inch (dpi), while 300 dpi provides the optimal balance between quality and file size.

Companion software for sorting receipts

The time you save by having receipts scanned in can be negated by the effort required to give each scan a unique name, categorize it, and file it away. In addition to being able to scan documents, the bundled software for many scanners also allows for easy network integration and the processing of huge batches of documents.

Check the software's features to make sure they fit your needs before installing it. If you intend to install the software on several devices or grant access to multiple users on a network, you should also verify the maximum number of licenses your purchase permits.


What is a receipt scanner?

A receipt scanner is a digital document imaging equipment made for the sole purpose of streamlining the handling of paper receipts for monetary transactions. Flatbed scanners have a wider page capacity and can scan more document kinds, but they can only scan one image at a time. Although feed-based scanners are capable of processing multiple sheets at once and at a considerably faster rate, many of them are designed for normal paper sizes and lack the specific equipment needed to scan small receipts swiftly and accurately.

What are the benefits of a receipt scanner?

For those who don't handle a large volume of papers, single-sheet scanners or even phone cameras may be adequate. However, scanning or photographing and uploading these receipts can be a time-consuming operation for anyone having more than a few dozen receipts from a work trip or an extra-long ticket from a shopping excursion for bulk purchases.

Rollers in dedicated receipt scanners can accommodate documents of varied sizes without jamming or making mistakes. It's common for them to come with extras that let you scan and process receipts of varying sizes without having to separate them first. Receipts of any size can be scanned in one go, so there's no need to clip them down or take several pictures. The correct software may even automatically label and categorize these scans, making it a breeze to fill out those pesky expenditure reports.

What’s the best way to track business receipts?

When it comes to managing receipts, most small businesses can benefit most from going digital. If you want to make sure you never lose a receipt again, you can take a picture of it and store it in a safe database. (Paper receipts are easily misplaced or lost in the wash, as we all know).

In addition to archiving your receipts, document scanners and trackers like Expensify and Shoeboxed can also classify them for you. Receipts can be located in the time it takes to type a date into the correct receipt software.

What is the best app for scanning receipts?

The greatest app for receipts is totally context dependent. The best receipt software is probably either Zoho Expense or Expensify if you have a large amount of expenses to manage, use corporate cards, and require quick employee reimbursement alternatives. Conversely, Shoeboxed may be a better option if you require assistance scanning a box full of old receipts and other paper records.

Only you can pick which receipt tracker is ideal for your company, but we believe the eight we've mentioned here are your best bets.


To ensure that you get reimbursed for all of your legitimate business expenses, you must maintain accurate records of those expenditures. If you don't, you'll have to wait until the following billing period to get the funds.

As a result, there is a wide variety of suitable software that can be utilized as scanners for receipts. Every one streamlines the procedure by improving upon previous methods in some way. Let's sum up, then. The aforementioned apps are the best ones available for scanning receipts. You need to get one of these if you don't already have one.

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