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The Best Receipt Scanners That Work With Quicken: 2022 List

Brandon Forder
  Dec 2, 2022 1:20 PM

Whether you're a solopreneur just getting started or the CEO of a well-established corporation, it goes without saying that you need to be aware of and keep tabs on your company's financial situation. When physical slips are compiled on a regular basis during meetings, however, they are prone to being lost or forgotten.

Thankfully, this stressful situation is easily resolved by using a receipt scanner. It's a convenient tool for scanning paper receipts into digital format, which makes them suitable for filing on a hard drive or uploading to the cloud for simple remote access. After extensive investigation, we settled on a set of goods that we believe to be among the best in their categories and capable of completing assigned duties promptly and accurately.

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Scanners may or may not come with a feeder. If you need to scan a lot of papers at once, you'll need to use the feeder. Most of the scanners on the list have a cap of 50 pages that can be scanned at once. It is essential that feeders can accommodate a wide range of document sizes. The feeder's size is its primary limiting factor. Find out what the largest document size is that your prospective scanner can handle before making a purchase. Don't worry about getting the largest feeder on the market; just make sure it's big enough to handle the volume of paperwork at your company.


Resolution is not the lone factor required for a scanner, if just one must be specified. That's why it's important for your scanner to capture every detail of the original paper. It needs to be able to scan in color and pick up even the slightest of details. Fortunately, most modern scanners have a high resolution suitable for scanning a receipt at no cost. Receipts and other low-resolution documents don't need any higher than their maximum supported resolution of 600 dpi.


You wouldn't want to waste too much time waiting for the scanner to process each document while you're trying to get everything in order. It's a huge time sink, especially if you have to deal with tens or hundreds of receipts frequently. The top scanners can quickly scan between 25 and 35 pages per minute, making them ideal for quickly scanning stacks of paperwork or stacks of bank statements. The scanner's auto-scan function is another time-saving addition. To have the scanner do its magic, you need to put the paper into the feeder. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 and Epson WorkForce ES-500W are two of the best scanners on the market if you need to scan receipts quickly. Both are capable of scanning up to 25 pages per minute, including both sides of a document. The maximum number of feeders is 50.


Expense reports are often scanned using a group of scanners that are linked together through USB. However, the typical person employs the use of three distinct electronic gadgets. This means the user should have full access to the scanner across all devices. That can't be done unless the scanner has WiFi capabilities. Thankfully, some scanners, like the Doxie Go SE, allow you to print straight from your phone. Look for scanners with Wi-Fi connectivity if you need to scan receipts, expenses, or other documents from many devices in your workplace or at home.

File Types

There may be a required structure for your receipts if you intend to use them in a specific way. It's possible that your tax preparer will ask for all of your scanned receipts to be sent to them in PDF format, while the expenditure tracking software you use for work will only accept JPEG files. If you want to avoid having to manually convert files after scanning receipts, it's a good idea to find out what formats your scanner can read.


Portable receipt scanners can be useful for managing workers' and contractors' expenditure reports and associated receipts. This might be some kind of digital program or a portable scanner.

The scanner's compact form factor also contributes to its portability. Find something that won't weigh you down too much and is small enough to fit in your bag.


After scanning your receipts, check if your scanner can handle the rest of your business's paperwork. How about putting them on the cloud? Have you thought about emailing them to someone else? Receipt scanners should have an easy way to export scanned papers.

Now that you know what to look for in a receipt scanner, it's time to research the top options for mobile devices.


How to scan receipts?

Nowadays, a receipt may be scanned with relative ease. A document or receipt scanner, on the other hand, could come in helpful if you have a lot of receipts to scan.

For your convenience, we have detailed several different types of receipt scanners and document scanners, as well as their individual capabilities. Choosing a scanner, reading the manual if necessary, and beginning the scanning process are your only options.

How to save receipts?

When the scanning process is complete, the software offers a variety of convenient download alternatives. Using document management software, you can upload files from your computer's memory, an SD card, a USB flash drive, or a local drive to the cloud. If you spend a lot of time on the road, it's a good idea to store PDFs on a cloud service like Google Drive or the Cloud.

Are best receipt scanners compatible with Quickbook?

Most of the scanners on this list are compatible with QuickBook and can be used for inventory management in small businesses. However, before purchasing the scanner, it is recommended that you contact the seller.

What is OCR

It's a scanner's primary function, and it's crucial. One useful piece of technology for small enterprises is optical character recognition (OCR), which aids scanners in identifying text for scanning and storage in the system. The user can now look for the receipt using just the words on it. The image of the receipt will be stored in the database if optical character recognition (OCR) isn't used, making it impossible to search for with accounting software.


We've tried to put the product through its paces in terms of data entry and tracking of purchases in our testing. Our compiled list also includes numerous items from which to choose. Neither the most expensive nor the least expensive option have to be chosen. That which you require has been recognized by you. Do you have a specific task in mind that the scanner can help you with? Scan your financial records and select the model that best suits your needs, taking into account the differences between the requirements of large and small firms. Read our buyer's guide if you're having trouble deciding between models or learning to compare and contrast them. Your questions will be answered in the manual.


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