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The Best Regulation Bocce Ball Set: 2024 List

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 8:21 AM

Having no one talk to you during a garden party is the quickest way to ruin the mood.

You never know if your visitors' timidity or nerves will result in stretches of quiet so unbearably long that you wish you'd spent the day getting a root canal, no matter how carefully you select the people attending an event.

But as the host, it is your responsibility to light the fuse that will set the party off.

You're the one who has to bring in the missing ingredient that turns a shy group of individuals gazing wistfully into their half-full G&T glasses into a gregarious gang trading barbs and numbers.

This is precisely why researchers developed gaming technology.

This has nothing to do with Pokemon Go or Settlers of Catan. Why even entertain the idea of hosting a garden party if this is where your mind has wandered?

You need something active and outside to do. An activity that brings strangers together during a party and makes them into a team. A game in which previously friendly people are pitted against one another for a short time.

You need a game with lots of depth that anyone can pick up quickly. A game that can be completed in under an hour and doesn't require tens of thousands of resources.

Bocce ball is exactly what you need.

Bocce is one of the simplest ways to inject some healthy competition into a flagging outdoor event.

And you don't have to take our word for it; bocce is one of the world's most popular games, with a history dating back to ancient Rome, where it was supposedly played by soldiers as a kind of entertainment.

Oh, wow, did those dudes know how to party!

One of Bocce's many appeals is that it takes very little effort to begin a game. Since it would be played outside, the necessities of equipment and space are minimal.

The only things you need to play bocce ball are a set of balls, a decently flat area of ground, and some friends.

Although purists insist that you play on a conventional 90-foot soil or asphalt court, few of us have the time, money, or inclination to dig up our lawns, so we'll skip over it and focus on the set itself in this article.

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Outer materials


Wooden balls were used in the first competitive bocce games. When compared to today's construction materials, they held up very well. On the other hand, you couldn't use these balls on a beach or sand. If you're just looking for a fun set of balls to throw around, you might want to give these a try.


Eventually, metal balls replaced the more traditional wooden ones. These balls are not bouncy because they have a hollow interior or are filled with lightweight solid materials. If you're looking for a training ball that will last a long time, this is your best bet.

Double polymer

Hard plastic describes the texture of this substance well. There is less wear and tear on balls of this type. This means they are suitable for use on less smooth surfaces. However, because it is rarer, this substance is likely to be highly costly.


Finally, resin is the more popular substance, and it is what most competition balls are made of. These balls are made to last for a long time and are a little heavier to give the player more control. The majority of the sets we feature are made of resin, so keep an eye out for those if you're shopping for bocce balls.

Size, Weight and How this Affects Competitiveness and Accessibility.

Keep in mind that diameter is the unit of measure when discussing bocce ball dimensions. If you were to slice the ball in half along its widest points, this is how long each half would be.

There are four standard ball sizes, and they measure 90mm, 100mm, 107mm, and 115mm.

The first two sizes we've listed are the most prevalent, and they're the favorites of casual players who like to have some friendly competition in their backyards, when camping, or at the beach.

The size of the ball is crucial because of the game's widespread appeal stemming from its ease of access. Do any of the folks you plan on playing with have very small or weak hands? A set of balls larger than 100 millimeters is unnecessary in this case.

However, sets with larger balls are more commonly used by serious competitors because they more closely simulate professional play.

A set of 107mm or 115mm balls is perhaps a better bet if you are part of a really competitive circle of friends and anticipate to be playing the game a little more seriously.

Weights for the balls vary widely, often between 450g and 1.1kg, with the most common sets meeting the statutory minimum of 2lbs (910g).

Again, you have to strike a balance between convenience and difficulty when deciding how heavy the ball should be. More individuals will be able to play if the ball is less heavy. The heavier the ball, the more realistically you'll be able to simulate a real game.

Composition and Durability

There should be careful thought given to the material from which the balls are crafted. Both because a shattered ball is a waste of time and money and because even a small crack in the coating can throw off the weight distribution of an otherwise serviceable ball.

Accurately throwing and rolling the ball are equally important for achieving goals. As for the latter, it is crucial that the ball be perfectly smooth and balanced to prevent any weighting bias that would cause it to roll erratically.

Having a well-balanced, spherical ball is crucial if you want to play at a more serious level than "super casual," and if you want to play on a level court rather than a patch of grass in your backyard.

If that's the case, each ball in the set should be cast in high-quality resin to prevent cracking and chipping.

This decision is also influenced by how fierce the competition is. How much of a bother would it be if one or more of the balls had a minor dink or crack in it? Unless that's the case, you can worry a little less about the substance.

Choose a robust, long-lasting set crafted from professional-grade resin if you intend to take this game seriously. Spending a little more up front is guaranteed to be well worth it down the road.


Modern produced resin bocce ball sets have the advantage of being perfectly balanced for an excellent, consistent playing experience. One-piece balls tend to be the most well-balanced since their robust construction allows for consistent weight distribution.

Storage/Carrying Case

The vast majority of the bocce ball sets we reviewed came with a carrying case, which is something most shoppers would want. There are bocce ball sets that come in simple nylon or canvas bags and others that come in magnificent handcrafted oak crates. The bocce ball sets with wooden display cases are wonderful if you want to show them out, but a simple fabric bag can do the trick for a reasonable price if you only need somewhere to store the balls when not in use.


Bocce ball sets are like many other things in life; you usually get what you pay for. Complete, ready-to-use sets are available at a variety of pricing points, from inexpensive to luxurious. Bocce ball is a terrific game to play in the backyard with kids or grandchildren, and you can acquire a good set for a reasonable price on Amazon Basics or another online retailer. Beautiful craftsmanship, outstanding build quality, and tournament-class balls are available, but only to those who can afford them and who have an appreciation for the better things in life.


What comes in a bocce ball set?

The pallino is used for keeping score and is one of the eight professional balls included in a bocce ball set. An optional measuring tape or rope is included with some sets, and it can be used to help decide the outcome of a close toss. Keep an eye out for sets that come with a convenient bag for transport and storage.

How do you pick a bocce ball set?

Choosing a bocce ball set is dependent on the size of the balls. In the beginning, a 90mm or 100mm ball is recommended. However, experts should check that their balls are at least 107 mm in diameter, as required by the United States Bocce Federation.

Can You Throw A Bocce Ball?

A bocce ball can be tossed in the same way a bowling ball is. The ball must be thrown underhand and cannot cross the court's center line in midair. You need to either hit the pallina or another bocce ball before it can reach the back of the court. Furthermore, the ball must stay within the legal bocce court boundaries and not touch the sidelines. Learn the proper bocce ball throw from our detailed tutorial.

Can You Throw Overhand In Bocce?

In bocce, you must use only your underhand throw. You can bowl it close to the ground like a ten-pin bowling ball, lob it underhanded with your palm beneath the ball, or cup your hand over the ball and lob it underhandedly, all depending on your talent, strength, and personal preference.


Finally, we'd like to present an alternative argument in favor of learning this exciting sport.

You and your loved ones can have a great day outside for very little time and money. The game is relatively simple to pick up, but its depth of strategy makes it challenging to master.

Even if you're up against a more skilled rival, a fortuitous throw might turn the tide of battle. You haven't lost the game of bocce until the very last ball is hurled.

Having a flat court with sideboards can increase the enjoyment of the game for players, but it is not required. With the right novelty bocce set, you can even play the game inside!

Bocce is a simple game to pick up, but challenging to master. characteristics of a worthwhile hobby or interest.

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