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Top 18 Best Reusable K-cup Of 2024

Brandon Forder
  May 30, 2024 10:36 AM

The last several years have seen the extraordinary surge in popularity of the Keurig coffee maker. What began as a way to brew better coffee at the office has spread to the point that approximately 41% of American households reportedly have a single serve coffee maker of their own. The major thing these devices have going for them is the convenience they offer. However, the environmental costs associated with this ease of use are substantial. Ergo the reusable K cup.

We are going to review the best reusable K cups available. Unfortunately we can’t sample all of the coffee gear we review so for this article we have referred to the wisdom of the masses and chosen the finest reusable K cups based on popularity and reviews on Amazon.

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Buying Guide


Before selecting on what Reusable K cup to go for, it is crucial to realize that they are not a one size fits all. While the popular options tend to be compatible with all models, some of the cheaper options are not. So it is always important to check your Keurig model and the compatibility before purchase.


If you are investing money in a Reusable K cup examine how durable the cup is. They need to withstand the pressure of frequent use and be able to handle heat from the machine and cleaning. This may not be a major issue if you only use K cups occasionally.


Along with not being the same size, reusable K cups might vary in material design. Some are made with mesh panels to allow hot water to pour over coffee grounds, while others are made with robust stainless steel sides. Of the two, stainless steel will almost always be more durable than mesh.


Save both money and effort by investing in a package of reusable K-Cups. If you regularly have people around, it might be inconvenient to have to drain and rinse the pod after each brew.

Fill lines

New to the world of K-Cups and coffee? Choose a pod with fill lines to aid you in regulating the strength of your cup of java.


Most reusable K cups can be simply cleaned by hand. But not all of them are dishwasher safe, so it’s vital to keep that in mind as you shop for one. Also, much like your single-cup coffee machine need periodic de-scaling, your K cup requires periodic deep cleaning. If limescale has built up in your K cup, your coffee may not taste as good as usual.

Coffee maker

Carefully read the manufacturer’s information for your coffee maker. Not all reusable K-Cups are compatible with every Keurig machine. The Keurig 2.0 assortment isn’t compatible with old My K-Cup pods, for instance.

Whole beans or ground

We recommend grinding your own beans for the best results. While freshly ground beans produce the best flavor, ground coffee is more convenient when time is of the essence. If you don't want watery coffee, go for a dark roast and a strong coffee.

A medium grind is appropriate for reusable K-Cups. Too fine and the coffee grounds will run through the filter. Too coarse and your coffee will scarcely have any flavor.


There are a broad range of reusable K cups at varying pricing points. If you don't plan on using it frequently, a cheaper alternative may be fine even if it's not as sturdy or well-made as the more expensive ones. Any Keurig reusable filter will pay itself off in the long run when you consider the money you will save not buying K cups.


If you’re a daily coffee user, it’s vital that your reusable K-Cup endure the test of time. Choose one covered by a good warranty.


How Many Times Can You Use A K Cup?

K Cups are designed for one usage only and then must be thrown out. They contain the proper amount of coffee to brew a single cup. A reusable K cup on the other hand may be used over and over again, you just refill it with your coffee of choice.

Do You Need Paper Filters For A Reusable K Cup?

Generally you should not need paper filters with your reusable K cup, however some Reusable K cups may require them. Some of the coffee may escape through the filter into the cup if it is ground too finely. If this is the case you could use a paper filter to give a cleaner cup.

Can I fill my reusable K-Cup with anything other than coffee?

Most reusable K-Cups are only compatible with ground coffee. There is a risk that tampering with the goods, by adding things like tea or cocoa powder, will render the guarantee null and void. Check the manufacturer’s directions before messing around with your reusable pod. If you do choose to test adding additional items, be cautious to rinse between usage to prevent any flavors from transferring to your coffee.

How much coffee should I use in my reusable K-Cup?

In general, two teaspoons of ground coffee is sufficient for a six-ounce cup of coffee, but you may need to experiment to discover the amount that suits your taste. K-Cups with fill lines offer helpful direction here.

How long do reusable K-Cups last?

The high-quality materials and user-friendly construction of the reusable K-Cup ensure its durability. However, just like any other product, this technology ultimately wears out. There's the lifespan of the cups, which relies on your usage and care, then comes the lifespan of the brewer which has a low lifespan owing to the nature of machines. The reusable K-cup is built to last, so you won't have to worry about buying new ones for a while.


Keep your mind and budget in control by switching your throwaway K cups with reusable ones. As a single coffee addict or a family who lives on caffeine, there are plenty of options for reusable K cups that meet varied lifestyles from single cups to variety packs. Consider our tips to help you enjoy that cup of joe without putting a dent in the bank or planet.

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