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Best Saddle Tree Stand : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Jan 30, 2023 10:11 PM

Tree saddles have been around for decades, although many people are just discovering about them now. Is the comeback of tree saddles merely another passing fad, or are they here to stay?

If it ever went away, saddle hunting is definitely back, and lots of hunters can be seen dangling from trees using only a saddle, ropes, and carabiners. As a result of the surge in demand, manufacturers have introduced several innovative new items that make use of cutting-edge technologies and materials.


After nearly four decades of hunting, I have used every type of stand there is, including climbing stands, lock-ons, tripods, ladders, elevated box blinds, and even ground blinds. To counter this, I have spent a total of $1,500 on 15 different saddles over the past few years and have reviewed 25 of them. My life's work is guiding hunters to the perfect tree saddles. After extensive research and testing, I have found the following to be the best saddle tree stands:

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Saddle hunting has several benefits. You should think about using this strategy the next time you go hunting. As for why riding in a saddle is an effective hunting strategy, here are a few factors:


Saddles are lightweight and portable, making them convenient tree stands. You may transport the saddles by stowing them in a backpack or slinging them over your hips. In comparison to those lengthy metal tree stands, the system weighs quite little. Because of their portability, hunters may constantly expand their hunting grounds.


Tree stands call for the installation of various trees, which might be costly due to the many tools required for installation. Saddles allow you to hop from tree to tree without having to constantly buy new equipment. When compared to setting up numerous treetops, purchasing a single seat is a more economical option.


In saddles hunting, you pick out a suitable tree that is going to be useful and then you establish yourself there. Tree stands allow a hunter to take a less-than-ideal posture in a tree.


The majority of hunting mishaps occur when the hunter is moving to a new place. Because you are securely fastened to the tree while saddle hunting, injuries are uncommon.


Can I build a DIY saddle hunting platform?

Successfully constructing a home saddle hunting platform is, thankfully, not as difficult as scaling Mount Everest. Use an old aluminum climbing pole as the base of your makeshift saddle hunting platform. Also, the tree saddle platform will be quite inexpensive.

Prepare your climbing pole by sawing two pieces of aluminum to the same length and bolting them together. Put the stick around a tree and fasten it with a ratchet strap. Fasten a metal stairway on top of the platform for easy access. In order to ensure that the saddle platform can support up to 300 pounds, you should use rust-proof bolts and nuts and try it out on a variety of common tree barks.

Is saddle hunting comfortable?

With respect to comfort, I've found that, compared to climbers, hang ons, and ladder stands, saddle platforms don't make it as easy to remain in the same position for extended periods of time. Most conveniently, a ladder tree stand can be used in any of these situations.

Can I saddle hunt safely without a saddle platform?

Using a saddle isn't necessary for hunting safety. In contrast, a saddle platform provides the hunter the freedom to position his feet on a stable surface in ways that would be impossible without it.

What size hunting saddle do I need?

You may find tree saddles in a variety of sizes from different manufacturers, and these sizes often correspond to your pant size. It's recommended that you order up a size if your waist measurement falls at the top of the size range shown on the chart.

Is it worth it?

The size, weight, and portability of a saddle hunting setup let you to sneak silently into the woods and hang from a thin, multi-limbed, crooked tree that would make any hang-on or climber run screaming.

With a lightweight platform and a climbing method (such as climbing sticks or screw in steps) and a saddle for long-distance hanging comfort, you can be safely up a tree, hidden behind its trunk, and within 360 degrees of shooting range in the same amount of time it takes to hang a conventional hang-on or climber.

That's the sweet spot, right? Nothing is, after all. There are many advantages to using a saddle for hunting, but there are also some disadvantages. The difficulty of getting started is one example.

Although it's not overly complicated, mastering it will take some time. And trust me when I say that you shouldn't only practice on a single straight tree in your backyard.

The ability to quickly and quietly be set up and ready for a show requires practice using your saddle on a variety of trees, each with their own width and angle of tilt.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't use one until you've honed your speed and efficiency. Which just means that initial setup times will be longer than usual.

And yet, in the grand scheme of things, it's well worth it.

What do the best tree saddles have in common?

The most effective tree saddles do more than simply let you swing from a tree. They're easy to carry around and made with your comfort in mind.

There are a variety of adjustments and sizes available to suit a wide range of customers' needs.

If used appropriately, the high quality material will prevent injury while hanging.

The greatest tree saddles have a number of characteristics that together make mobile hunting a joy.


Finding the right tree saddle in a market saturated with options can be an intimidating and difficult endeavor. I've compiled a list of the top tree saddles so you may narrow down your selections and choose the one that's perfect for your preferred method of hunting if you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available options.

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