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Top 15 Best Scanners For Bulk Scanning With Name Input In 2022

Brandon Forder
  Dec 2, 2022 12:10 PM

As of right now, these are the top picks for name input bulk scanners on the market. We have the material you need if you need to scan a lot of documents quickly.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of production scanners will realize that a high volume document scanner is designed for scanning documents in bulk. These aren't your average handheld scanners; rather, they're built with mass digitization in mind, with a sizable automatic document feeder and excellent scan quality.

Paper scanning at scale can be a time-consuming and inefficient procedure, but a high-speed scanner makes it easy to streamline this part of an organization's operations. You won't be seeking for just one scanner feature, but rather for a suite of features that any industrial-strength image scanner must have.

Those sheets can be scanned with confidence with a high capacity document scanner. These tools were developed for use in high-volume settings where every minute counts. This is typically a document scanner that can scan documents much more quickly than standard equipment.

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Optical resolution with highest PPM

Most document scanners have an optical resolution of up to 600 dpi, but when set to High Speed mode, this resolution drops dramatically. If a company claims that their device can scan 30 pages per minute, for instance, that means that the scanner is only capable of scanning at 200 dpi.

Therefore, document scanning speed drops with increasing resolution. The scanner picks up far more information as the resolution is increased. As an analogy, think about the difference between watching a video in 480p and 1080p resolution.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

One of the greatest benefits of a high-speed document scanner is the time and effort it saves by requiring less human involvement. The addition of a document feeder that processes documents automatically helps with this. This operates in a similar fashion as the printer's automated blank document feeder, which retrieves fresh sheets of paper before beginning a new print job.

Depending on the type, an ADF on a document scanner can hold anywhere from 35 to 100 pages. Multiple sheets of paper can be inserted in this fashion. All of your papers will be scanned instantly and stored in whichever digital format you choose on your computer. Ensure full ADF functionality

Bundled Software

You should expect a variety of useful scanning applications to come preinstalled on any document scanner you purchase. Some manufacturers, like Epson and Canon, include as many as five different types of software with their machines. Standard-sized papers can be scanned rapidly with the help of the primary scanning software, which also includes a few handy extras.

Software for scanning business cards and performing other OCR-related tasks might also be included. The included software may differ by model and maker; nevertheless, you are free to use any scanner program you like best. Your scanner's TWAIN drivers ensure compatibility with a wide range of scanning applications.

Barcode reading and detection

Scanners used in high-throughput manufacturing will read barcodes to collect information for processing and storage in databases. Documents should be organized according to their metadata so that bulk scanning goes more smoothly. With the use of barcodes, this process can be automated in whole or in part.

Receipt scanners

scanners made specifically for the best possible receipt and note scanning The device's hardware, such as its intelligent document protection feature, which shields fragile material from damage during scanning, has been improved. Additionally, the visual enhancement was developed specifically for text elements, rather than pictures or drawings.

Manual document feeding

Some documents can only be scanned successfully when done so manually, regardless of whether you are using a slow scanner for low volumes or a rapid scanner for high volumes. Most manufacturers include a manual scan mode specifically for such paperwork. Documents are often fed into the scanner by hand. The mechanism's pace has been drastically slowed, and its newfound precision makes it ideal for its intended task.

Double-sided scanning

Whether or not the scanner has two sensors for scanning on both sides of a page affects how quickly you can scan. A further consideration is the target page's dimensions. Although any sheet-fed document scanner should be able to handle standard letter- and legal-sized paper, larger sheets may require a larger scanner. Some of the more sophisticated versions can handle sheets that are over 20 feet in length. Smaller scanners can be found with expense report and contact database management software, as well as functions tailored to scanning receipts and business cards.


What is a High-Speed Document Scanner?

If you're unfamiliar with scanners, you've probably seen flatbed scanners before, either as independent devices or integrated into multifunction printers. Although great for scanning most sorts of documents, flatbed scanners need individual attention. Inputting each document into the scanner "with proper alignment" is a time-consuming manual process, which slows down your document scanning overall. Now you just have to sit tight until the document is scanned. Also, scanning both sides of a page at once doubles the amount of work involved.

Here, fast document scanners really shine. A high-speed document scanner, depending on model, can scan anywhere from 25 pages to 60 pages in a single minute. It is also capable of performing double-sided scanning in a single pass. The high cost is the sole drawback. In comparison to the typical $70 price of a flatbed scanner, the premium of speed that comes with a high-speed document scanner can run as high as $250.

What is the highest quality scanner?

In my opinion, the Fujitsu FI 7700 now offers the best practical quality on the market. There may other scanners that produce images of somewhat greater quality, but the Fujitsu is capable of producing these scans repeatedly with few problems. Scanning at 600 dpi is a breeze because of how highly optimized the product is. If you need to scan frequently at a reasonable quality, I would strongly suggest this tool.

Is 600 dpi good for scanning photos?

Scanning at 600 dpi optical resolution is more than adequate for the vast majority of photographs. If you're not going to be doing any insane resizing, like 10x, then even 300dpi should be fine. We don't anticipate resolution to be your primary concern when scanning photographs. It will be much more difficult to obtain accurate color reproduction and tone ranges than it will be to accomplish the image's optical resolution.


Finding the right device for mass document scanning is not hard. To begin, you must learn the project's prerequisites.

When dealing with a high number of documents, speed of scanning is important, but the size of the papers themselves also matters.

Afterward, think about the scanner's dependability. Can it survive extremely lengthy shifts at top scanning speeds for documents?

Think on how often the scanner will need to be used each day. Consumables and supplies are more cost-effective per unit of output when more units may be produced per day.

The next step is to see if the document you're scanning is supported by the software that came with your scanner.

That's just scratching the surface, though.

To your good fortune, suppliers are ready to offer guidance and suggestions to boost both scanning speed and productivity. When it comes to scanning tasks, some companies are willing to extend their limited warranty. It is important to shop about for the best PC document scanner you can get, one that can handle a wide range of document sizes and types.

Nevertheless, you will quickly learn which high-volume document scanner works best for you with some hands-on experience.

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