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Top 17 Best Scanners For Filing To Quickbooks In 2022

Brandon Forder
  Nov 28, 2022 5:44 AM

Will you need to travel for your small business? When you're on the road, it takes some forethought and helpful tools like receipt scanners to keep track of all your expenses and receipts. If you've been keeping careful tabs on your spending, come tax time you'll be ready to take advantage of every deduction to which you are entitled.

Expense tracking is made easier for many businesses by receipt-scanning software. Here is a rundown of the top scanners for filing to Quickbooks, whether you're looking for a simple and cheap method to manage your freelancer expenses or a powerful mobile system to arrange your sales and travel-related expenses.

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The presence of a feeder is not standard in all scanner designs. In order to scan multiple papers at once, you'll need to use the feeder. The majority of the listed scanners have a 50-document maximum. Any size or shape of document can be processed by a feeder. Dimensions are the primary limiting factor for the feeder. You should check the largest possible document size supported by a scanner before making a purchase. Your feeder doesn't need to be enormous so long as it can handle the volume of paperwork generated by your company.


There is no resolution without which a scanner would be useless. You'll want a perfect copy of the document scanned from your scanner. It needs to be able to scan in color and pick up even the tiniest of details. Luckily, modern scanners typically have a high resolution, making it easy to scan even a free receipt. They support resolutions up to 600 dpi, which is suitable for receipts and other low-resolution documents.


A portable receipt scanner could be useful if you need to keep track of workers' or contractors' expense reports and associated receipts. This might be some kind of digital program or a portable scanner that operates on its own.

The scanner's compact form factor also contributes to its portability. Try to find something that won't weigh you down too much and can be stowed away in a purse or backpack.

Online Accessibility

Receipt scanning software that can be accessed online is just as handy as portable software. Enhanced accounting integration means you can get more done in less time. A further convenience is that you can retrieve your receipts whenever you need them.

Storage Capacity

Your receipt scanner's limitations should be taken into account regardless of whether you plan to store your scans on a hard drive or in the cloud. When scanning receipts, how often each day do you plan to do it? How often, if at all, outside of tax time, do you plan on using it? If you're planning to use receipt scanning software or an external hard drive, this can help you decide how much space you'll need.

The safety of your chosen storage facility should not be overlooked. You should take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your stored papers and receipts by using more than one type of security. Whereas paper documents and receipts might be lost or stolen, digital ones can be compromised without the right safeguards in place.


It's safe to say that scanning receipts for expense reports is no one's idea of a good time. A rapid receipt scanner is helpful because most people want to get this done as soon as possible. In as little as 7.5 seconds, some scanners can capture a high-quality image of your papers. When you need to scan multiple receipts at once, this is a helpful tool.

File Export

When it comes to managing and sharing financial documents, both big and small businesses can benefit greatly from receipt scanning. Some kind of image or pdf format was used to save the scanned material. The information itself, however, may be of interest in daily reports or elsewhere. The scanned documents must be editable and searchable to accomplish this. For the purposes of creating small company expense reports, some scanners offer the option of exporting data to an excel sheet or another format via document management software. A scanned document can be uploaded straight to a cloud service using some scanners.

Scanners with TWAIN, WIA, ICA, and other drivers are necessary for use with document management software, so keep those in mind while shopping. Virtually every scanner on the above list can be used to create expenditure reports thanks to its compatibility with document management software.


Expense reports are typically scanned using a network of USB-connected scanners. Still, the typical person employs the use of three distinct electronic gadgets. As a result, the user should be able to utilize any of their devices to gain access to the scanner. A WiFi-enabled scanner is required for this purpose. Lucky for us, some scanners (like the Doxie Go SE) can print straight from a mobile device. Consider purchasing Wi-Fi-enabled scanners if you need to scan receipts, expenses, or other documents from multiple locations.


What does the receipt scanner do?

Using a receipt scanner, you may convert paper receipts and bank statements into digital files. In addition, the software for the scanner can help you file the receipts.

Which is the best receipt organizer software?

There are currently a plethora of them. However, we advise use the scanner's bundled software. If your scanner allows for the use of additional software, you can choose from among a wide variety of well-known options.

Are best receipt scanners compatible with Quickbook?

Most of the scanners on this list are compatible with QuickBook and can be used by small enterprises for record-keeping purposes. However, before purchasing the scanner, it is recommended that you contact the seller to confirm its compatibility with your operating system.


We have put the product through its paces in as many situations involving data entry and inventory tracking as feasible during our testing. In addition, the variety of goods available is extensive in the catalogue we compiled. Neither the most expensive nor the least expensive option have to be chosen. Having done so, you have discovered your requirements. Can you describe the nature of the task you hope to do with the scanner? Choose the version that helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently, taking into account the specific requirements of both large and small organizations, and then examine your financial records. We also have a buyer's guide if you're having trouble deciding or want more information on the differences between the various models. Get rid of any confusion with the help of the manual.

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