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Top 17 Best Scanners For Organizer Software In 2023

Brandon Forder
  Dec 6, 2023 5:06 AM

The best document scanning software streamlines the process of digitizing paper documents.

With the proliferation of cheap and easy-to-use scanning equipment, the paperless office is finally within reach. Many companies now routinely use document scanning apps(opens in new tab) to convert paper documents to digital files that can be stored on-premises or in the cloud.

However, there is a wide variety of document types and scanning software options to consider. The top scanning software will be flexible enough to meet a wide variety of requirements, including the ability to save documents in a variety of formats. Most of the time, PDFs will suffice because they can be opened on any device, but other file types, such as Word documents and image files, may also be needed.

Documents that have been scanned still need to be accurate and easily readable, thus software that misrepresents numbers and characters is useless. Even if you aren't sure you can trust your own software to produce high-quality scans, you can always have your papers scanned by a professional service.

Examine the finest options for scanning and converting documents, ranging from robust Adobe solutions aimed at enterprises to pick-up services well suited to smaller organizations. When deciding which scanner program to recommend, we considered a number of factors, including available features, relative pricing, expert reviews, and user experiences

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Multiple capture options

The app needs several methods of scanning and reading receipts. A scanner is not required, as it may use the camera on your smartphone.

OCR-ready for line item extractions

It's a pain to have to manually enter info from receipts. Therefore, in order to retrieve data from receipts, scanners will need OCR capabilities. In addition, it needs intelligent features to properly classify the extracted data.

Easy to review and modify

The software needs to offer more than just scanning capabilities, however; review, tracking, and editing items quickly and easily require a dashboard, analytical tools, and search functionality. In addition, there needs to be a system of classification and labeling in place so that information may be more efficiently sorted.


In-app receipt scanning is a feature available in several accounting and cost reporting apps. However, a third-party scanner is allowed if it provides additional value for a fee.

Document management system

We made sure that any standalone receipt scanning software we looked at had a document management system that allowed you to sort scanned files into different folders and assign them keywords for quick retrieval.

Accounting software integration

For smoother operations, the receipt scanner app should sync with your accounting package for automatic data transmission of scanned receipts and other documents. (Please note that since QuickBooks Online and Wave are accounting software, we did not utilize this criterion in evaluating them.)

Recurring invoices

Billing regular customers is a breeze with Wave's automated invoice generation. This function is suitable for regular monthly fee payers.


Wave offers payroll processing outsourcing at a reasonable price, ensuring both your company and its employees are in full compliance with all applicable tax laws.


Which scanning software is best for me?

Before downloading and installing any scanning software, it's important to evaluate your requirements. Some platforms may only offer basic options, so if you need to use advanced capabilities, you may find that a different platform is far more worthwhile. Furthermore, certain software solutions can prove restrictive in terms of the number of tools available, such as for verifying scanning quality, but high-end software can really provide for every need, so be sure to have a solid notion of which capabilities you believe you may require.

Is receipt organizer software the same thing as receipt scanner software?

Because of advances in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the majority of receipt organizer programs also function as scanners. Taking images of your paper documents or receipts is a prerequisite to scanning or digitizing them.

Which Organizer software has the most flexible Pricing plan?

As a result, it's important to try out as many programs as possible to choose the one that best suits your needs. Not all pricing plans are going to be flexible enough for your needs because they are typically based on the responsibilities and functionalities of each organizer software or how the developer decides to implement them.

However, you should consult with customer service to find out how adaptable their pricing schemes are.

How safe is my data?

There is a lot of encrypted software on this list. Except for Shoeboxed, which needs physical mailing for a large amount of receipts, all of these options are electronic. A third party is required for traditional postal delivery. Your private information is at risk because of this. Everything else is safe and sound as far as data is concerned.

What is OCR (text recognition)?

Whether you're dealing with a PDF file or a Word document, searching for a specific term or a specific number can help you find what you need in a flash. You can use optical character recognition (OCR) to input the same search feature when scanning documents and receipts.

Without optical character recognition, your receipt would only be seen as a picture, rather than a source of data. Optical Character Recognition is an acronym for this. It processes the image of your receipt and converts it to text.

This can be quite beneficial for future content searching and categorization. OCR makes it simple to import all of the information from your receipts into a spreadsheet for use in other applications, such as tax preparation.


In order to select the most suitable receipt-scanning app, you must first do a thorough evaluation of your company's workflow and needs. The apps we recommend all have useful and promising features.

When deciding on software, it's important to think about how well it fits your needs, how much it will cost, and how much value it will add to your business as a whole. Then, return to this directory to locate the program that meets your needs.

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