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Best Silicone Cupping Set For 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 7:46 AM

Here we will discuss the top silicone cupping sets currently available.

Today, we'll rely on our track record of discovering credible information and academic science study to provide you with accurate reviews, simplifying your quest for the best silicone cupping set.

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Dry cupping

Due to the cooling of the air, which produces a slight suction on the skin, a heated polysiloxane polymer cup produced from siloxane is utilized. As little as three minutes can pass between when the cup is set down and when the liquid is drained.

There is a significant variation in how long to use the dry cup, with recommendations ranging from ten minutes to thirty minutes from Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, respectively. It's usually a matter of personal taste.

Moving cupping

An oil bath is a great way to relax. The cup is slid or rolled over the skin's surface. Experts in Korea have found that using a cupping set improves circulation and reduces tension in the muscles and fascia.

Needle cupping

An acupuncture needle is inserted by a practitioner at specific points along the body. The cup is then positioned over the needle at various stages of the insertion process.

Flash cupping

In flash cupping, the therapist continuously applies and removes cups to a targeted location.

Fire cupping

Cotton doused in alcohol is placed in the polysiloxane polymer cup and set ablaze to create fire cupping. The skin is "sucked" into the cup by the negative pressure, and the oxygen is quickly depleted by the short fire contained inside. However, there have been reports of serious burns occurring during the silicone fire cupping technique, therefore we cannot suggest it.

Cup material

Although traditionally earthenware or bamboo were used to create the cups used in cupping, glass cups are commonly utilized by Western practitioners. However, most cupping sets designed for home use are constructed from non-breakable materials like silicone or plastic. The cups look more like bell jars or knobs than actual cups.


A vacuum must be created inside a cup, and this can be done with either heat or physical suction. To perform "fire cupping," a cotton pad doused in alcohol is set ablaze before being placed into a glass cup and then smashed to extinguish the flames. As the cup cools, a vacuum is created against the skin.

Heat isn't required to create suction when using the suction gun that clips onto the outside of the cup or the pistol-grip hand pump that comes standard with silicone and plastic cupping sets. Alternatively, knob-shaped cups, which are put to the skin and then manually compressed to create a vacuum, are another option. One or both of these suction methods are used by the vast majority of cupping sets designed for home usage.

Biomagnetic needles

As an alternative to the traditional needling cupping technique, in which an acupuncturist inserts a needle into the skin before placing a cup over it, some cups come with replaceable magnetic points, termed biomagnetic needles. The magnetic components of the cups apply pressure on acupuncture points without actually penetrating the skin.

Cup size

A high-quality cupping set will include cups ranging in diameter from very small (0.7 inches) to very large (2.7 inches), with a number of sizes in between. For the back and shoulders, a larger cup size is preferable, whereas the neck and even the face benefit more from a smaller cup size.


You can find cupping sets for anywhere between $20 and $240. Professional glassware is where you'll want to spend your money. For as low as $60, though, you can purchase a silicone cupping set made for medical use.

Price ranges from $25 to $50 for a set of suction cups designed for cupping, with the average being between four and eight cups. A suction gun-equipped set of 10 to 24 cups can be purchased for around $20 to $35.


What are the best set?

Honestly, you should get this silicone cupping set. It's created from high-quality fabric and cut in a way that makes it simple to put on and take off, as well as clean up after.

What is the best cupping set?

These silicone cups and a set of reusable cups come highly recommended. Our extensive research has shown that it has positive effects on immunological health.

What is the best vacuum cupping set?

Our evaluators had advised us to get this vacuum cupping kit after we contacted them. Our study found that the increased suction helped stimulate blood flow and a healthy immunological response.

What’s the difference between dry cupping and wet cupping?

Dry cupping involves leaving the cup in situ on the skin for three to thirty minutes. When performing wet cupping, a cup is first placed to induce suction, after which it is removed and an incision is created in the same location. The term "bleeding cupping" refers to the practice of placing two cups on the skin to extract blood from the patient. Some alternative health experts believe that this method is effective at eliminating toxins.

Should I ever move the cups when they're suctioned to the skin?

The cups can be relocated in two different ways. One is called sliding, and it entails massaging oil into the skin and gliding the cup continually over a big region, such as the back. Muscle tension can be eased in a similar fashion to when getting a massage. When a cup is used for cupping, it is often placed on the skin and then removed from the same region very rapidly.


Try cupping therapy if you're open to trying new, non-invasive methods of pain alleviation.

Many folks who were initially put off by its appearance found they greatly enjoyed it.

Myofascial release and muscular relaxation are two of the many benefits.

Those who find relief from massage or the use of a foam roller are likely to appreciate cupping therapy as well.

Silicone cups are user-friendly, so trying them out is simple.

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