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Top 18 Best Submersible Pool Lights Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 9:23 AM

It's incredible what a pool with an underwater light can achieve for its aesthetic value after dark. A decent underwater pool light does more than just let you see for a nighttime swim; it can also totally illuminate the entire pool, giving it a rich and sophisticated appearance that improves the aesthetics of the entire yard. For many years, incandescent bulbs were the only true alternative. Unfortunately, they drank through batteries quickly and required frequent maintenance.

These underwater pool lights have recently adopted LED technology, allowing you to illuminate your pool with a low-energy LED light. However, unlike traditional bulbs, these lights may produce a variety of colors.

You may now illuminate your pool in any one of a wide variety of hues, and even enjoy multicolored light shows that will make the water sparkle. However, which bulbs should you invest in, and which ones are a waste of money? To help you make that decision, we've compiled reviews that compare several top-rated LED pool lights now on the market.

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Colors and other effects

LED pool lights are mainly supposed to be decorative. For this reason, you can anticipate a modicum of entertainment from them. For some formal settings, pure white lights could be your best choice. On the other hand, parties call for stars who aren't afraid to let their hair down. More hues, with simple swapping, are always welcome. While other LED bulbs can be set to flash in various patterns or change color. These additions may provide you with greater flexibility, but avoid going excessive. Over-blinking can make your guests queasy instead of happy.

Solar-powered lights

Spotlights placed around the pool's perimeter are typically the only ones powered by the sun. They make no sense as underwater lighting. You can either replace the main power supply with solar panels if they are hardwired, or use batteries if they are portable. Solar panels are unsightly and not necessary for lights that float. However, there are larger inflatable floating lights that can be charged via solar power. This is just not typical.

Durability and battery life

It is likely that you will need to use batteries to power your LED pool lights. Manufacturer and brightness both have a significant impact on battery life. In addition, it can also alter based on the temperature and other conditions. In sum, it’s tough to say what is and isn’t “good” battery life. That said, if a battery can’t even last through a single evening, you’ve got a problem. Beyond that, it's all a matter of lighting.

Ease to setup

Ensure the pool light you select is straightforward to install and does not require an electrician to set it up. Make sure the LED lights you purchase may be used as accessory lighting as well.


A high-quality LED light for your pool will do more than just brighten the area around it; it will also improve your visibility. Backyard swimming pools require special lighting, so be sure to pick fixtures that can provide adequate illumination. Large underground pools may require more robust voltage lighting than smaller pools or ponds, depending on their size and design.


Waterproofing is an essential feature for pool lights. A waterproof feature is essential for any useful lamp to be useful.

Energy efficiency

Consider the lamp's energy efficiency and lumen output before making a purchase.

Accessories and Added Features

Pool lights' extra features are an important consideration. A lot of people who buy pool lights intend to use them for parties and other special occasions, so it's important to consider any additional features. While some pool lights feature multiple color options and lighting settings, others may just offer a single hue.

There's nothing wrong with keeping things basic, but the number of bells and whistles you want for your pool lights should be determined by its intended purpose. It may not be necessary to provide a wide range of aesthetic options if their primary purpose is practical. Additional accessories may be necessary if you plan to utilize your pool lights for decorative purposes at social gatherings.


Are pool light bulbs special? Can I use any "regular" light bulb in my swimming pool?

We advise against using "regular" incandescent lamps in a pool. You should only use light bulbs made specifically for use in swimming pools if you need to replace one. So what do we suggest? To find out where to buy replacement bulbs for your pool's lighting system, you should contact a local swimming pool supplier.

How do you change a pool light bulb?

To the utmost degree of care. Work involving electricity, and notably electricity and water, is a major undertaking. If you're confident in your abilities, you can replace a blown bulb in your pool's lighting system by following the manufacturer's guidelines. Or, how about this: Get some help from a qualified expert.

How many lights do I need in my swimming pool?

There are a number of variables to consider, including the dimensions of your pool, its depth, and your intended use for the lights. Pool professionals in your area can help you calculate how many bulbs would be required to turn your imagination become reality.


A pool is a huge investment. When the sun goes down, you shouldn't be forced to stop utilizing it, and you won't have to if you have sufficient lighting.

Whether you're hosting the best pool party in the neighborhood or just want to take a dip in the dark with someone special, we hope some of these alternatives will help you create the right atmosphere in your backyard hideaway.

Are there other pool lights that you think would be better suited for this pool? What do you think of the lights we've highlighted so far? Have we missed any areas where you can find better options?

If you have any new information that will improve this post, please let us know in the comments and we will add it immediately.

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