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Best Telescoping Ladders Of 2023

Brandon Forder
  Dec 6, 2023 3:35 AM

You can achieve the same height as an extension ladder without the inconvenience of transporting and storing it with a telescoping ladder that extends in one-foot increments. Here at This Old House, we've done the research so you don't have to, and the results are in: Here are our picks for the top five Amazon telescoping ladders. A wide range of home improvement stores, local home centers, and internet sellers like Amazon carry the products mentioned in this article.

Telescoping ladders can be adjusted in length and width to suit your project's requirements. To make it easier to carry and store your model when you're done with it, you can reduce its height to its lowest setting. We scoured Amazon for the best telescoping ladders to help you choose the one that's suitable for you. The following are our top picks

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There will be a maximum height for the telescoping ladder when it is fully extended. There are also ladders that open in 12-inch increments, so you can use them at lower levels as well if you choose.


The ease with which a ladder may be carried and stored depends on its weight and closed size. Lighter and smaller ladders are easier to transport. For those times when the ladder is not in use or when it is being transported, some ladders come with protective containers.

Standard vs. Multiposition

Standard telescoping ladders and multi-position telescoping ladders are both available. You should be aware of the following information:

When using a standard telescoping ladder, the rungs are physically pushed up until they click into place, then the ladder is fully extended. When completely extended, these ladders can reach heights of 8 to 18 feet. The tiny size and lightweight design result in a foldable ladder that can be stored in a car trunk or a small closet when not in use.

Ladders that may be used in numerous ways are called multiposition telescopic ladders (or multipurpose ladders). A-frames, extension ladders, scaffolds, and many other structures can be constructed from these ladders, which can also be wall-supported. It is possible to reach up to 26 feet in the air with a multiposition telescopic ladder. These ladders are useful for a wide range of tasks, some of which may necessitate a variety of ladders, while others may only require one.


Fiberglass and aluminum telescoping ladders are both sturdy and lightweight materials. It's true that aluminum is the most popular, but fiberglass also has its adherents.


The weight of a telescoping aluminum ladder can range from 15 pounds to 35 pounds, depending on the length. The typical weight of a piece of this length (12.5 feet) is around 24 pounds. In the range of $100 to $250, you can get an aluminum telescoping ladder


Fiberglass is more durable than aluminum, but it also has a higher weight. You should expect to pay about 3 to 5 pounds more for a fiberglass telescopic metal ladder of the same size. They range in price from from $250 to $600. Ladders made of fiberglass do not conduct electricity, making them ideal for electricians and other people who work with electricity.

Safety Features

Using a ladder that locks in 1-foot increments prevents fingers from being pinched. To retract a foot of the ladder with this safety system, you must press thumb levers on both sides of the ladder. Even if it takes a little longer, it's worth it to keep your hands safe.

One of the ladder's most important safety features is its large rubber feet. There are several that have fold-out foot anchors that keep the legs in place.


The fact that telescoping ladders are typically smaller in size means that size isn't a major consideration when shopping for one. It's important to consider the size of the ladder both when it's extended and when it's closed. At 22 feet long and retractable to some desirable inches, the Werner MT-22 Telescopic Ladder was deemed the most ideal size. Having the ladder in this position will ensure that it is both convenient and easy to transport to and from work.


It's also impossible to overstate the significance of a person's weight. No one wants to lug about a heavy ladder when the task at hand is already taxing enough. Additionally, you need anything that your partner at home can effortlessly carry or utilize. As a result, when making a ladder purchase, make sure to weigh it. Some telescoping ladders, like the 43-pound Luisladders Oshion, are more heavier than others, like the 23-pound Telesteps 1600E.

Weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity of the telescoping ladders ranged from 300 to 330 lbs, with the majority of the ladders meeting this standard. Due to the ladder's four-way combination system, the Luisladders Oshion is unique in this sense. Make sure to account in the fact that you will be climbing the ladder with a heavy weight. You'll have to explore a little farther for a telescopic ladder with a higher weight capability than the typical 300 pounds.

Smooth Retraction and Extension

You want your ladder to be easy to open and close, so look for models with that feature. Some ladders offer one-touch technologies for dismantling the ladder, lowering the risk of accidents in the house or on the job place.

Using a ladder with an assisted opening and closing feature is much easier. There is one drawback, however: Some of these models are significantly heavier than those without an assisted-open/close capability.

Locking Pins and Safety Indicators

Ladder rung failure is the most common cause of accident, as previously stated. We advise you to opt for a telescopic ladder with locking pins and safety indications.

With the greatest ladder control available, you can rest assured that your tools will be used safely with one of these models. This feature is critical for contractors since it adds an extra layer of protection and helps to keep them safe from harm.

When the ladder is being used at its full load capacity, the rungs are held in place by locking pins. The correct ladder set-up necessitates the use of safety indicators.

In order to ensure that the ladder is safe after locking the rungs, the ladder's body should display an indicator.


Can you use a telescopic ladder without extending it?

To reach shelves in the kitchen or workshop, you can use your telescoping ladder as a tiny set of steps without extending it. In order to utilize a ladder, you must first make sure that it is stable and secure.

Is it safe to use telescopic ladders around the house?

You can use your telescopic ladder both inside and outside your home without fear of injury. Telescoping models fold up into a small package for easy transport around the house or on the work. When setting up your ladder, be sure to read the instructions that came with your particular model first.

Before you start ascending, make sure you know how to secure the stair rails. You don't have to extend these ladders to their full length. If you simply need to replace a few light bulbs, you can extend the ladder halfway and be good to go.

Which is better, a fiberglass or an aluminum telescoping ladder?

Aluminum is the lightest and most corrosion-resistant option. This metal, on the other hand, is an extremely good conductor of electricity. Metal ladders should not be used for electrical work or near power lines. Ladders made of fiberglass are heavier than those made of aluminum, but they are also more durable and adaptable. Fiberglass ladders can be used for both electrical and nonelectrical tasks because the material is nonconductive.

How do I safely carry a telescoping ladder?

Because they collapse completely, telescoping ladders are much easier to transport than other types of ladders. Notably, a 12- to 15-foot ladder can be collapsible to around 32 inches, making it a breeze to transport the ladder. So, where do you put one? Straps are provided on the telescopic ladders, and these straps must be fastened if the rungs are to remain secure. Your telescoping ladder may be stored or carried around with ease after you lock the rungs. These ladders are also easy to carry because of their minimal weight.

How do I maintain a telescoping ladder?

You must always be aware of the condition of your ladder in order to properly maintain it. You should, for example, inspect your ladder both before and after each usage. When inspecting a ladder, be on the lookout for any rust indications. In addition, you must make sure that the ladder's lock mechanisms are working properly. Bolts and rivets require constant examination, and doing so will save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long run.


As a homeowner or contractor, you should already keep an eye on the best telescoping ladders on the market. However, we understand that making a final decision might be difficult. When there is so much choice, how do you limit it down?

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