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12 Best Toys To Encourage Pulling Up We've Tested 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 7:45 AM

In the end, every parent just wants to get their kid some good toys that will help them grow and learn. Your baby will soon be ready to take their first steps, so it's a good idea to stock up on toys for babies learning to stand.

Babies need activities with a clear goal in mind to help them develop their skills. Tummy time, for instance, helps develop strong neck muscles, and later on, when your baby can roll over, it can help develop strong abdominal muscles. Baby's first toys should be bright and colorful to keep them entertained while also introducing them to new sensations.


Your infant is at an age where sitting up and crawling will soon be replaced by standing and walking.

Babies can't learn to crawl, walk, or even stand with every item. What you really need are toys that let your kid develop abilities at his or her own speed.

Let's check out some of the top pull-up toys for infants.

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Your Baby’s Age

To start, select toys that encourage standing and walking that are appropriate for your baby's age. Look at the appropriate age range and make sure it's well-made with a secure grip to prevent falls.

Types of Stand Up Walking Toys

While the most well-known are stand-up activity tables and push-and-pull toys, there are numerous other sorts of toys designed to help a baby stand up and start moving around. The cruiser ride-ons are my favorite kind of stroller. If your little one grows tired of pulling and pushing, he or she can hop on this and go for a ride in the style of the Flintstones while building leg strength at the same time.

Stand Up Tables

Toys like stand-up tables are great for getting a baby in the habit of playing while standing up. Baby will need to rise to access the brightly colored play panels, buttons, and other enticing gadgets. Most stand-up tables come with the legs detachable at first so that the child can play with it before they are able to stand up; this is done in the hopes of enticing the child to play with the table long before they are ready to walk.

Push & Pull Walking Toys

After your infant has mastered standing and stability, these will encourage them to desire to pull or push a toy. To encourage physical activity and imaginative play in your toddler, try getting them a fake pet walking toy that they can "take on a walk" by pulling a rope string.

Safety & Durability

The safety of your baby should be your top priority whenever you shop for toys. Your kid will be pushing the walker, therefore you should make sure it has a stable base. The corners of free-standing toys must be rounded.

Convertible & Versatility

Toys that can be used in a variety of ways and last for a long time are my absolute favorite. Walkers and activity centers that can stand on their own are worth looking into. As a result, the toy's value is increased and it can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.


Your infant should be able to develop alongside the toys, learning new abilities and completing new tasks at their own rate. The toy provides an opportunity for kids to practice standing and may also stimulate creative problem-solving.


Toys that can be adjusted for height are a great option to ensure that your child is both happy and safe.

Battery-operated or manual

If you must choose a battery-operated standing toy, get a manual one and keep the battery cover on at all times. You should always make sure the battery is charged so the kid can play whenever they want


Are Walking Toys Safe for Babies?

Using a baby walker may make you nervous about your child's safety. The most worrisome thing is putting babies in traditional walkers at too young of an age (like 6-7 months).

However, when used under adult supervision, toys that help newborns learn to stand on their own, such as those they can push, are safe. You should never let your baby use a push walker near stairs or any step/uneven surface leading down.

It's up to your baby to decide when they're ready to start eating solids.

When Can Babies Use Walking Toys?

Before making a purchase, make sure to check the walking toys' age recommendations on the product description page.

Babies 9 to 12 months of age can play safely with some walking toys. Babies can practice standing up and walking with the aid of this toy by pushing it around. Most walking toys can be used with confidence by newborns as young as six to nine months, when they have mastered the skill of sitting up unassisted.

At what age do babies start standing with support?

Babies typically begin to pull themselves up to a standing position around the seventh month mark. They may also maintain a standing position for a few seconds with assistance. They will grab onto anything above their head in an effort to get support as they struggle to rise to their feet.

When will a baby start standing up on their own?

Between the ages of 9 and 12 months, a baby can begin to pull itself to standing. However, until about 13–15 months of age, they can only stand for a few seconds at a time.

Are sit-to-stand walkers good for babies?

Toy walkers that convert from sitting to standing are called "sit-to-stand walkers." As a bonus, they will keep your child from climbing up and hurting themselves. Young children can play while sitting on the floor or by pushing the toy. Although children can be unpredictable, it is best if they are accompanied by an adult.


For infants above the age of six months, standing toys help them practice standing up and balancing. In addition to keeping the baby entertained, they promote motor development. The toy must be constructed from a non-toxic substance that complies with safety rules because infants have a tendency to lick the things they play with. If you want a standing toy that will be useful even as your child gets taller, look for one with height adjustments. Finally, try to get a walker that doubles as a bright and feature-rich toy, and your child will have a blast while reaching multiple developmental goals.

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