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Top 14 Best Water Bottle For Car Cup Holder In 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 9:12 AM

I've been a user of refillable water bottles for over a decade. There have been some technological advancements in water bottles since then, but nothing particularly groundbreaking.

Over the course of my life, I've owned and extensively evaluated over fifteen various brands of water bottles to determine my preference. Possessing the ability to fit into a cup holder is a crucial quality.


I've taken my kids hiking, backpacking, swimming, to the beach, skiing, to the library, to class (both elementary and university), to ultimate practice, and to tournaments. Everywhere, or at least pretty nearly so.

Bringing a water bottle on a vacation that doesn't fit into a cup holder and having to set it on the floor or have someone else handle it is a very uncomfortable situation.

To avoid that embarrassing scenario, we have compiled a list of the best water bottles that can be stored in cup holders.

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Durability and How Long It’ll Last

You might want to steer clear of glass or metal bottles if you have a habit of breaking or dropping fragile objects.

While metal bottles are difficult to break, they are easily dented. Some metal bottles, especially those with a thin wall, might crack when dropped on the floor.

Even while double-walled metal bottles are more sturdy, they are nevertheless vulnerable to damage. Larger dings in a metal bottle's outer layer can compromise the integrity of the vacuum seal. Condensation forms on your bottles as a result of this.

Nalgene bottles, like other plastic bottles, are noted for their durability and are likely your best bet if you want a bottle that won't break in the event of a fall.

In addition, they weigh next to nothing, making them ideal for sports or backpacking.

If your backpack doesn't have a water bottle pocket, the lid may be clipped onto any bag for simple transport.

Looks and Appearances

Not all bottles are equally decorated.

While there is a wider variety of solid colors and patterns available for metal bottles, plastic bottles are usually see-through.

There are also several brands of insulated water bottles that include extras like rubber boots, colored tops, and straps or carrying cases.

It's practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Hot and Cold Liquids

If you enjoy your water at a specific temperature yet live in a very cold or hot climate, temperature control may be a top priority for you.

One of the best tools for this job is an insulated water bottle made of stainless steel.

My go-to because I demand nothing less than a revitalizing elixir from my water.

When weight and cost are less of a concern, plastic or single-walled metal bottles are a good choice.

Center Console vs Front Console Cup Holder

Big water bottles fit perfectly in the cup holder of the center console (between the two front seats). The standard dimensions for these cup holders are wide and deep, and they can be any height.

On the other side, front cup holders can be awkward. Not only is the cup holder in my compact car smaller and shallower than the one in my girlfriend's mid-size SUV, but it also has less vertical space.

The radio and air conditioning controls are located on the center console, which would be hit by a water bottle of excessive height.


A full water bottle can spill out of a shallow cup holder, so choose your water bottle height wisely.

Thus, the bottle shouldn't be too tall, as this would negate the objective.

Snug Fitting

A water bottle that fits snugly in your hand will be less likely to topple over because of the force of friction.

While stainless steel and glass water bottles are rigid and cannot be bent to a more snug fit, plastic water bottles can.

Small vs Large Cup Holders

There is no standard size for a car's cup holder. Whether your cup holder is small, medium, or large, you still need to exercise.

You may have trouble fitting most of the bottles on this list into a standard-sized cup holder, but you should be good to go with any of the larger sizes.


Whether or not the water bottle's material is free of bisphenol A (BPA) is arguably the most important factor to consider before making a purchase. According to studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, consuming food or drinks from utensils made with this material may lead to long-term health problems due to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is used in many plastics and epoxy resins. The search for clean materials is made much simpler by the fact that the packaging of most water bottles will tell you if they are BPA-free or not.


If it's insulated, a reusable water bottle should help you save money and the environment by keeping your water at a constant temperature. The double-wall vacuum insulation used in the construction of many modern water bottles is great for preserving the temperature of both cold and hot beverages. While convenient, this feature can increase the cost of a water bottle for those who only need to bring water with them. Plastic water bottles are widely available and usually cost less than glass ones; they offer the same convenience but can only be used with cold beverages (do not mix hot beverages with plastic).


When looking for a new water bottle, it's also important to consider how easy it will be to clean. It's important to know if the bottle can go in the dishwasher before cleaning it, as plastics that can't withstand high temperatures may melt in the dishwasher. Many dishwasher-safe caps, however, are not dishwasher-safe or can only be used on the top rack, so be sure to check both the cap and bottle for specific instructions


Is it better to drink from a glass or stainless steel water bottle?

When it comes to safety for human consumption, both types of water bottles have their advantages and disadvantages. Water in a glass bottle stays tasteless and chemical-free. Although stainless steel is chemically inert, it can leave a metallic aftertaste. Steel bottles also have an advantage over glass in that they can keep drinks at a desired temperature for much longer than glass bottles can.

Is it OK to drink water left overnight in a water bottle?

It is safe to drink as long as the bottle has been properly cleaned and sealed. Water from a disposable bottle that has been sitting in a hot place, like a car or the sun, for an extended period of time is not safe to drink. The plastic could release chemicals into the water.

How do you clean a water bottle?

Keeping your water bottle clean is easy to do and should be done every day. Scrub the bottle's sides, bottom, and lip with a bottle brush and some warm water and dishwashing liquid. Then, wash everything in hot, soapy water, and dry it with a clean dish towel, paper towel, or by leaving the lid off to air dry.


This is a major source of annoyance, especially if you're like me and guzzle a lot of water yet still experience persistent thirst.

Investing in a cup holder extender was one of the best decisions I ever made. The Yeti 26oz Rambler is the largest bottle I've used that still fits in a standard cup holder, so I recommend it if you don't have any other options.

I can personally attest to this as the owner of a small car.

Except for that, you shouldn't have any trouble fitting a standard 24-ounce or 21-ounce water bottle.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone could design a big bottle that still fits in cup holders?

Keep your cool if you enjoy drinking ice cold water.

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