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Best Women's Pickleball Shoes 2022 For 2024

Brandon Forder
  May 30, 2024 10:31 AM

Shoes are a game changer in racquet sports. You need a solid foothold with lots of support to keep from twisting your ankles and falling. For the most professional performance on the court, check out these top-rated women's pickleball shoes.

In 1965, three fathers created pickleball to occupy their children's time. Since its inception, the combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton has given people of all ages a healthy dose of physical activity, entertainment, and pleasure.


Pickleball can be played with just a net, a ball, paddles, and an opponent. But if you want to hone your pickleball skills, you'll need to get some specialized gear.

The importance of having good pickleball shoes is often overlooked by players.

There are no pickleball-specific shoes on the market, so you can't just go buy some. You can purchase shoes designed for various activities that have many of the same characteristics as those needed for pickleball.

We've compiled a shopping guide so you know what to look for when comparing pickleball shoes, and we've also listed the best pickleball shoes we've tested.

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Each person has their own unique requirements when it comes to finding shoes that are comfortable to wear. What's a good fit for one foot could be too loose or too tight for another. Think about the factors that contribute to your ideal shoe comfort. Is it the ease of breathing? How much does the shoe weigh? Could it be that it's a seamless design?

When looking for a pair of athletic shoes, you should prioritize the qualities that make them feel the most comfortable to you.


Your ability to keep your balance when playing pickleball is influenced by the tread on your shoes. If it starts to rain on the outside court, the last thing you want to worry about is slipping and falling. One of the simplest ways to be safe is by investing in a sturdy pair of sneakers.

Outdoor tennis shoes often have better tread, but indoor tennis shoes with the right kind of traction are necessary for a polished wooden court. Indoor pickleball shoes have a tread pattern that resembles that of volleyball sneakers.

Arch Support

Even the best pickleball shoes are useless without adequate support. When a shoe's sole provides good stability to support lateral movements, arch support is enhanced. Until you put on shoes with built-in arch support, the sole may feel too rigid.

Those with flat feet, wide feet, or those who have experienced previous injuries will benefit from a particular form of arch support. If you want to play your best without suffering from sore arches after the game, you need a good pair of shoes.

Shoe Grip

Like other racquet sports, pickleball requires rapid directional changes. The footwear could be slippery. As a result, it's always best to opt for shoes that offer superior grip, traction, and lateral support.


The product's construction and components are major factors here. To drive home the idea, some pickleball shoes are better at allowing airflow than others. You can find additional reviews from customers and users alike, in addition to the information provided by the manufacturer or store on the product's sales page.

But this is the meat and potatoes of articles like this one that review products. You'll quickly learn to recognize the shoes that don't allow enough air in because of their poor ventilation. I'll repeat myself. It's possible for your legs to get painfully hot if the shoes you're wearing have a narrow toe box and a less breathable mesh upper.

Even if you want to play the game for a while, I can guarantee that this is not what you want to happen. Your mission here is to track down a pair of shoes that eliminates all of the aforementioned drawbacks.


Another mildly significant factor that impacts game play is the weather. The problem is that the impact of lunging, running, and jumping during a pickleball game will be felt directly in the joints if you don't wear good padding.

Variations in the midsole and the insole are important factors in how well your feet are cushioned. Details about this aspect, like those of some other features, can be found all over the places where products are reviewed.


The ability to change your speed, your direction, and your sliding efficiency all improve with shoes that are more pliable. Choose footwear with at least 90 degrees of bending ability. The risk of harm is reduced by this degree of mobility.

Shock Absorption

Select footwear with sturdy midsoles and outsoles. Gels and pads, for example, are required for comfort. The strain on your muscles and joints is so diminished. Comfort during your time spent on the court is another benefit of wearing such footwear.


Consider both the price and quality before making a purchase. Choose a pair of shoes that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.

If you want to improve your performance in outdoor sports and games, you can now get high-quality pickleball shoes. You'll have better control and less risk of injury thanks to the superior traction provided by these shoes. These shoes are great since they absorb sweat rapidly and prevent foot odor. Those who play pickleball might benefit from investing in a pair of these long-lasting and sturdy shoes by increasing their grip and stability on the court. However, shoes with low-quality insoles that don't provide adequate ventilation or cushioning should be avoided.


Can I Wear Running Shoes for Pickleball?

It is acceptable to play pickleball while wearing running shoes. However, you're asking the wrong thing.

Instead than asking if tennis shoes are OK for pickleball, you should ask if running shoes are. In light of this, the obvious response is "NO!"

Because of the inadequate padding and support, lateral motions, for example, are not possible without risk. Their intended direction of movement is forward, not backward. When there is nothing to support your ankles, you may count on becoming injured.

In order to play pickleball effectively, traction is essential, and running shoes simply don't cut it on hardwood. It's possible that the next time you play pickleball in your running shoes, you'll spend more time than you'd like pulling yourself up off the floor after slipping and falling, rather than actually enjoying the game.

Furthermore, shock absorption is a crucial component of running shoes since it prevents the runner's heel from making a harsh impact on the ground when landing after a sprint. Because of this, they can't change direction abruptly or accelerate and decelerate swiftly. It is less crucial for pickleball shoes to have good heel support because the game is played on the toes and balls of the feet.

Because of their low weight and flexible soles, running shoes are an excellent footwear option for pickleball players. The majority of runners prefer lightweight footwear. They are able to keep their weight down because unlike pickleball shoes, they don't need to provide as much lateral support.

In other words, what's the deal? Running shoes are designed for running, and pickleball shoes are made for playing pickleball.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes?

To provide maximum stability on the outside court, outdoor pickleball shoes are often wider and more rigid than those used indoors. Conversely, indoor pickleball shoes have a rubber sole that grips the indoor court for a more forgiving grip.

How should pickleball shoes fit?

Shoes worn for pickleball should be comfortable and not too tight or loose. It's important to have some wiggle room in your shoes for your toes.

Are pickleball shoes the same as tennis shoes?

Shoes designed for pickleball and tennis have some similarities but aren't identical. Pickleball shoes are often more lightweight than tennis shoes. Pickleball shoes have a more flexible and durable toe box than regular tennis shoes.

Can you wear tennis shoes for pickleball?

Pickleball is played on a hard court, therefore tennis shoes are fine to use. On the pickleball court, mobility and ease of use are of paramount importance. You should wear tennis shoes if they make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

On an outdoor court, tennis shoes are preferable over the indoor court's rubber soles.


If you're a pickleball player, you know better than anybody the dangers of using regular sneakers on the court. The moment to start looking for the perfect running shoes is now.

Remember that the best women's Pickleball shoes are engineered to facilitate the unique motions required by the game. If you want to play better and be more secure on the court, you must purchase a quality pair of pickleball shoes.

It's a massive no-no to play pickleball in running shoes. While running shoes are ideal for sprinting and working out, they are not permitted on the pickleball court due to their inappropriate surface. When you do an activity that requires specialized footwear, but you wear shoes that weren't made for that activity, you wind up hurting yourself.

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