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Bestope Vanity Mirror With Lights Of 2023

Brandon Forder
  Sep 27, 2023 8:42 AM

When you find yourself touching up your makeup every time you glance in the rearview mirror of your car, it may be time to rethink your current vanity arrangement at home. Mistakes like uneven foundation, too much blush, and smudged eyeliner are common results of applying makeup in dim light. While natural light is optimal for putting on makeup, a well-lit vanity mirror is a close second.

There is a wide variety of lit makeup mirrors available, making it difficult for consumers to choose the best one. We analyzed the market's top-selling models to determine our top picks. The following are some of the most highly recommended illuminated vanity mirrors on the market today. Read on to find out what to look for in a vanity mirror with lights and to see our recommendations for the top models available right now.

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Buying Guide

Shape and size

Makeup mirrors come in a wide range of sizes and forms, from round to oblong to rectangular to trifold, and can be mounted on the wall or stand alone. Which one you choose with is largely a matter of taste, but you should also think about where you plan to put the mirror and how much space you have available, whether that's a spare nook of your desk or the entire length of your vanity.


Makeup mirrors range in magnification from 2x to over 10x so that you can get up up and personal with your look and perfect every last detail. Magnification levels typically range from 2x to 5x in mirrors, providing a clearer, more precise view without distorting the original image too much for most purposes. Mirrors with 10x magnification or more are ideal for precise tasks like perfecting your eyeliner or plucking your eyebrow hairs.

Mimics Natural Light

Find illuminated mirrors that simulate natural light for the most accurate application. You can't get a true representation of how your makeup will look in natural light or shade. Finding one that allows you to control the amount of illumination would be ideal. That way, you can more faithfully simulate natural sunlight or overcast skies.

Rechargeable via USB

You could hardly ask for a worse scenario than having your lit mirror's batteries die in the middle of putting on your makeup if you didn't come prepared. To prevent this from happening, you should seek out alternatives that can be charged while in use through USB. They're just as portable and adaptable as battery-operated alternatives, but you won't have to worry about applying your makeup in the dark.

Sleek Design

You don't want to put something bulky on your dressing table, do you? A lot of modern-looking lit mirrors are available, which is a relief. Look for models with foldable panels, for instance, if you need angled side panels for accurate winged eyeliner and false lash application but have limited storage space.

Additional features

It's the age of the high-tech makeup mirror. Some can detect your skin tone and texture, while others include built-in speakers, phone chargers, and phone stands, while yet others automatically adjust their brightness in response to your proximity. Furthermore, your lit mirror has moving parts and electricity runs through it like any electrical item, so you may want to think about whether or not a warranty policy is in place (especially since some can get expensive).


How big should a mirror be over a 48-inch vanity?

A mirror's width should be a few inches less than the vanity's width for optimal use. In this case, a mirror with a width of 42 to 46 inches would be ideal for a 48-inch vanity.

How high should the mirror be above a vanity backsplash?

It's recommended to provide around 2 inches of clearance between the mirror's frame and the back splash.

Should bathroom vanity lighting face up or down?

Lights above a dressing mirror are typically hung such that they shine downward, creating an optimal lighting situation.

Do lighted makeup mirrors work well?

Have you been debating whether or not to invest in a magnifying mirror with lights? Global Makeup Artist for Urban Decay, Steve Kassajikian, says they are worthwhile and make applying makeup much easier. I think they're great, and they really shine in low- or no-ceiling-light settings, he says. Using them is "a huge help" when putting on cosmetics.

Are LED lights the best for a makeup mirror?

According to Kassajikian, LED lights are the best option for illumination. His advice: switch to LED lighting for a more accurate reflection that won't leave you looking washed out. We all know that the sun's natural rays are the secret to a great appearance, and the warm white light they provide is the next best thing.

Why Do I Need a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

When applying makeup in poor lighting, it's easy to use too much blush or bronzer, or to wind up with obvious lines where your foundation meets your skin. Believe me when I say that having a bright cosmetic mirror can save your appearance, as someone who formerly rented a basement flat and used it to avoid looking too powdery.

Avoiding the headaches, weariness, and lowered focus that can come from using a makeup mirror without LED lamps is yet another perk. When taking your time with personal care, a nice LED lit mirror will provide just the proper amount of light to prevent eye strain.

Are Makeup Mirrors With Lights Energy-Efficient?

An individual may be worried about the power consumption of a lit makeup mirror. In fact, LED-illuminated vanity mirrors consume significantly less power than their incandescent counterparts (by a factor of nearly five). You need not worry about getting burned by these mirrors because they generate so little heat. They can be dimmed and can withstand high temperatures as well as shocks, vibrations, and heat or cold.

The widespread dispersion of light emitted by traditional (incandescent) and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs is a major drawback of these technologies. The LED lights in these mirrors are directed, so they won't fall on your face in the wrong places. LED lighting uses less energy and lasts significantly longer than fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen alternatives.


When you use the best illuminated makeup mirrors, you can truly indulge in the pampering experience. It makes you feel like a celebrity and adds fun to your beauty routine. The illumination will highlight your features so you may get your ideal makeup look in a single try, right down to the tiniest of details. The majority of these items also come equipped with USB charging outlets and dimmable lighting. However, it's best to steer clear of anything that won't hold up over time. Think about the product's magnification options, lighting controls, mobility, and adaptability before making a purchase.

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