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Top 17 Best Wall Shelves For Books Of 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 8:26 AM

Even though much of our entertainment is now kept online, there will always be books, photos, and trinkets to show off. As a result, we have been more selective about what we put on display shelves and what we put on the shelves themselves. A floating bookshelf, then, is a great way to spruce up any space while also meeting your needs for storage and display.

The greatest floating bookshelves are available in a wide range of designs and dimensions, making them suitable for use in any home. They're great for showcasing a wide variety of goods, from photographs to potted plants and artistic sculptures. Keep reading to learn how to select the ideal floating bookshelf for your house and why it could be the missing wall space you've been looking for.

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Weight capacity

One of the most important considerations in selecting the ideal floating bookshelf is whether you intend to show off potted plants or decorative figurines. It is impossible to give a universally applicable weight limit for shelves because their designs and bracket strengths vary. Floating bookcases can usually support up to 40 pounds, which is more than plenty for the typical home.


It will be much simpler to choose a floating shelf design once you know where in the house you'll be installing it. Floating bookshelves come in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement any interior design, though the most common are those that mimic the look of wood, such as brown, white, and black. Try painting them instead!


Floating bookcases have the advantage of not taking up any valuable real estate on the ground. In any case, they need to be hung on a wall, thus the amount of free space you have will determine the options you have. While the narrow widths of some shelves make them perfect for tight quarters, the combined breadth of numerous shelves in a single unit necessitates a significantly bigger room.


You should try to choose strong floating bookshelves. You should check that the shelves can hold the weight of the goods you intend to place on them. Floating shelves can be found in a variety of materials, the most common of which are wood and metal. Make sure it fits in with your intended usage by thinking about its thickness and weight.

Mounting Style

Is it more important to you to have a bookcase that isn't permanently attached to the wall with screws or nails, or one that can be put up in a matter of minutes without causing any damage to the walls? Choose a mounting solution with rods or other reinforcements if you intend to store heavy objects on your floating bookshelves. You should also inspect your walls to ensure that the mounting hardware for your shelves is suitable for your wall material. If the hardware that comes with your product isn't suitable for use with common construction materials like drywall or brick, you may need to make a separate purchase.


Placing a floating bookshelf is a simple task that shouldn't take more than a few minutes. However, before installing the floating shelves, you should check to make sure that your walls can hold the accompanying mounting hardware. You'll need a level, screwdriver, hammer, or drill, depending on the mounting hardware you use.


Shelves that are installed on the wall are typically more compact, but you should still take the size of your room into account. A vast empty wall can accommodate either one massive floating shelf or several smaller ones. A small, easily-installed shelf is the best choice if you already have a lot of wall decor. Thus, you can make the most of even the smallest areas in your home.

Easy to clean

Everyone who walks by your wall-mounted shelf will give it a second glance. Therefore, you should guarantee that all such free-floating racks and shelves are thoroughly clean. With constant use, dust and debris will settle into the shelves and require periodic cleaning. This is why it's important to look for wall-mounted shelves that don't require much effort to clean. Some have intricate patterns that make cleaning difficult; choose one with ample access for thorough disinfection.


Are floating shelves strong enough for books?

Choose your shelves wisely, for this may go either way. You should decide how many books you want to put on the shelves, what kind (hardcover vs. paperback), and where they will be placed. If you're not sure if the floating shelves you're considering can hold all of your stuff, measure the heaviest objects you plan to store on them. However, as a matter of thumb, the weight capacity of deeper floating shelves (without rod-mounted hardware) is less than that of shallower shelves.

Why does my floating shelf sag?

Loose hardware is a common cause of sagging floating shelves, while exceeding the weight limit is also a problem. It's unsightly, and the shelf (or whatever's on it) might easily topple over and hurt someone. Taking the shelf down, moving the mounting hardware, and re-installing the shelf should solve the problem.

How much weight can an average wall-mounted shelf hold?

The strength of the brackets on a wall shelf determines how much weight you can safely store on it. Increase the strength of the brackets to increase their load capacity. The maximum load that can be safely placed on each given shelf is listed alongside the unit. On the other hand, the typical weight capacity of a wall-mounted shelf is between 15 and 60 pounds.

How do I install a wall-mounted shelf?

Each shelf has its own set of instructions for simple home assembly. It's important to note that the instructions for putting together a specific wall shelf style may vary from one model to the next. In most cases, installing wooden shelves with metal brackets entails attaching the brackets to the wall and then hanging the shelves on the brackets. These two components need to be positioned properly for maximum stability. However, a nail driven into the wall can support hanging shelves.


Because there are no brackets to get in the way, displaying artwork, decorative items, or culinary utensils on floating shelves is a clean and unobtrusive method to do it. Shelfology makes some of the most versatile and attractive floating shelves available because their products are so well-designed and versatile.

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