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Best 75 Gallon Gas Water Heater For 2022

Brandon Forder
  Dec 2, 2022 1:53 PM

The size of your water heater isn't that important, right? A 75-gallon water heater has what purpose?

A bit of helpful information that might help you determine whether or not a 75-gallon water heater tank is right for you is available if you're having trouble deciding.

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Gas water heaters can be powered by either natural gas or propane, depending on the model. Many people choose natural gas over propane because of its perceived safety and efficiency advantages.

Natural gas, on the other hand, isn't available everywhere, and propane heats water faster. When natural gas is unavailable, propane provides a viable option.

The hot water storage tanks of 75-gallon gas water heaters are larger. Although a 75-gallon water tank takes up a significant amount of space, tanks can be purchased in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Tanks are available in three different heights: tall, medium, and short. Thinner tanks can be found in tanks that are taller than they are wide.

British Thermal Units (BTU)

When it comes to determining how much heat a product generates, the BTU unit is commonly used. A BTU is the amount of energy released when a match is lit. It is easier to maintain a steady temperature using a water heater with a larger BTU rating.


Before purchasing a water heater, take a few measures to be sure it will fit where you intend to place it. There is a lot of room taken up by tanks. Typical 75-gallon tanks can be fairly tall and wide. It's important to double-check the fit before you buy a pair.

First Hour Rating (FHR)

The amount of hot water a water heater can produce in an hour is measured using the first hour rating (FHR). Based on tank volume, heat source, and burner or element size the first hour rating can vary significantly.

Consider when your household uses the most water on a regular day to identify the best FHR for your needs. The following activities are estimated to use the following amounts of water on average:

  • Showering – 10 gallons of water

  • Shaving – 2 gallons

  • Washing dishes by hand – 4 gallons

  • Automatic dishwasher – 6 gallons

  • Clothes washer — 7 gallons

Add up the total number of items in use at any given time throughout the busiest part of the day, taking into account everyone in the house. Choose a water heater with an FHR sufficient to meet your projected needs.

Installation Costs

Installing a new water heater might cost anywhere from $300 to $1,200. Gas water heaters, while less expensive to install than other types, have a greater initial startup cost than other types, such as electric water heaters, thus a 75-gallon gas water heater will likely fall somewhere in the center of the spectrum.

Installing a 75-gallon gas water heater would set you back anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on where you live. Depending on where you live and the condition of your home, this price could be more or lower. Installing a water heater in your home for the first time might increase the cost of the job by up to $1,000.


Even 75-gallon gas water heaters have varying capacity for peak hour usage, even if they are the same model. For peak hour demand, a low-end 75-gallon gas water heater will only hold 75 gallons, but if it is efficient, it can hold up to 150 gallons. This means that a 75-gallon storage tank will work just fine with a high-efficiency gas water heater.


As the size of water heaters increases, so does the need to consider things like quality and safety. As a result, larger water heaters have a greater risk of exploding and developing other problems if they are not properly maintained.

The most respectable and well-known brands, such as Rheem, Ao Smith, and Bradford White, are the ones that most people choose to use. Reliance and Triangle Tube are two additional firms that consumers have faith in when it comes to this sort of water heater (Rinnai is one too if you include tankless water heaters).

It's up for argument and personal experience which of these firms offers the best water heaters, as anyone can have the occasional faulty water heater or terrible experience with any brand.

A 75-gallon water heater is a decent choice from any of these seven firms, with some having more possibilities than others (Rheem has more options than most companies), while others have target specialized models with only one or two alternatives for this size (Ao Smith, Westinghouse, etc).


What Are 75 gallon Gas Water Heaters?

75-gallon gas water heaters give hot water to your home using the same direct or indirect gas-powered heating procedures as conventional units, but they hold a lot more water! " You could get a lot of them. Light-duty models are also available, as well as a more robust commercial model.

75 gallons of warm water can be stored in the tank at any time and distributed to the appropriate faucet or appliance as needed.

A 100-gallon-per-hour water usage family or business can benefit from a 75-gallon water tank. Restaurants using a mechanical warewasher need a tank with a minimum capacity of 75 gallons.

How Does a 75 Gallon Gas Water Heater Work?

Regardless of the capacity, gas water heaters employ either a direct-fired or indirect-fired system to heat the water.

To heat the water in the tank, direct-fired heaters employ a pilot light that is ignited. Open-flame burners in the water heater activate when the temperature reaches the owner's desired level. Your home's ventilation system removes the flammable gas from your property.

Coils are used to carry heat from a separate boiler to the water tank in an indirect-fired water heater. More energy is required for heat transfer when tanks are situated farther apart than they need to be from the boiler.

Water heaters that use indirect heat have higher energy efficiency than those using direct heat. Because there is no burner on an indirect-fired water heater, it requires less maintenance.

Is a 75 Gallon Gas Water Heater Enough for 5 people?

More than enough for a household of five or six, a 75-gallon gas water heater Even if you frequently use other household equipment, such as washing machines, you should still have enough hot water to suit your demands.

Even if there are just 8-10 people, a second water heater may be necessary.

How Long Does a 75 Gallon Gas Water Heater Last?

However, a 75-gallon gas water heater, on average, should last roughly the same amount of time as a 50-gallon gas water heater, but this is because larger tanks are more susceptible to malfunctions.

You should expect your water heater to last anywhere from 8 to 15 years, depending on how well you take care of it and how well it's built.


If you have a large family and don't want to waste time waiting for hot water, a 75-gallon gas water heater is a great choice. This unit, despite being a little more expensive, can save you money every month because gas is often cheaper than other kinds of energy.

Direct-fired gas water heaters use natural gas or propane, whereas indirect-fired models use a combination of the two. To ensure your family has enough hot water at a fair price, choose a 75-gallon gas water tank that can heat water at the rate you require.

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