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Top 14 Best Carpet Shampooer For Berber Carpet Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 9:30 AM

To maintain the beautiful appearance of your Berber carpet, you should only use the best cleaner. Even though these carpets are notoriously challenging to clean, various stain removers should be able to get the job done. In which case, you may simply wipe them down.


Constantly remind yourself that the most barbarous carpet stains require the most powerful cleaner available. You may extend the life of your luxurious carpet by following a few simple guidelines. It is common knowledge that Berber rugs resist spills and stains well. Oils, on the other hand, can completely destroy garments and should be avoided at all costs. The ideal approach to solving them is what you'll need here.

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Cleaning Power

The raw cleaning power of the aforementioned items is sufficient to remove the vast majority of typical stains. Choose a spot cleaner, like our runner-up, if you're primarily concerned with removing stains from the surface of the carpet. These are great for spot cleaning, but their design makes them less than ideal for thorough house cleaning. Choose an upright vacuum cleaner, like our top selection, if you need a machine that can clean up messes in general and remove stains on occasion. Like standard vacuum cleaners, these can be maneuvered around the house with ease.

Tank Cleaning and Drying

In order to function, many such machines require a network of water storage tanks. Try to find items that have water tanks that can be removed easily for cleaning, and that have at least one gallon of storage space. In the case of dual-tank systems, this means you can clean an entire room without interrupting the process to empty the dirty water tank or fill the clean water tank. To cut down on drying time, you should also opt for a device with strong suction capabilities.


The size of your house will determine the required capacity. Homeowners with carpeting should invest in a higher capacity cleaner, but those with only a few area rugs (and hardwood floors) can get by with a more compact machine. The combined capacity of each disinfectant is detailed below.


You're less likely to pull that cleaner out of the cabinet and put it to use if it's too heavy to move from room to room. Since steam carpet cleaners tend to be heavier than vacuums, we've included the total weight as a proxy for portability and looked for user evaluations that emphasize portability.


Some types, much like vacuum cleaners, come with supplemental nozzles and attachments to facilitate the removal of pet hair and to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as the crevices between furniture. Here you'll find a complete catalog of every available accessory for each model.

Additional Features

Many of the aforementioned items come with an assortment of helpful extras, such as hoses as long as nine feet for cleaning high, inaccessible places and attachments that cater to a wide variety of surfaces, including stairs and upholstery. Some models are lightweight and fold up for convenient storage, while others include power cords that extend up to 28 feet, letting you clean an entire house without stopping to switch outlets.

Use time

If you don't have a lot of room to store cleaning supplies, it's fine to consider having a professional service come in and clean your entire home, including the carpets. (It might also rely on the state of your carpets in terms of grime and stains.) Check into the availability of rental machines at nearby establishments or big-box stores like Home Depot. The advantages of a professional grade cleaner won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Shampoo and detergent

What you use to clean your carpets with matters. Some warranties are null and void if you use anything but the brand the manufacturer recommends, even if it works just fine. My experience with Rug Doctor's Commercial Carpet Cleaner ($20) was better than the detergent that came with my other carpet cleaner. It does the job well, doesn't leave a lingering odor, and is inexpensive when purchased in bulk jugs.


How much traffic does my carpet receive?

You would be shocked to learn how much human and animal traffic the typical area of carpet sees in a year. It's hard to put an exact number on how much dirt and filth is extracted from the carpet during a thorough cleaning, but anyone who's done one will tell you it's a lot.

Why does my carpet look worse after cleaning?

Some customers have complained about this, and it may be related to the quantity of soap being used or to poor drying techniques. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for how much cleaning solution to use, and look for a carpet cleaner with powerful suction to speed up drying time.

Can I Clean Upholstery with My Carpet Cleaner?

In addition to carpets, some people also clean their mattresses, drapes, furniture, and cars using their carpet cleaners. Make sure your carpet cleaner has special attachments for cleaning upholstery and drapes if you plan on using it on these things. Do not use a curtain-cleaning attachment on silk or velvet curtains.


Floors are best cleaned with a steam cleaner or a steam mop. Certain carpet cleaners have attachments that allow you to use them on hard surfaces as well as carpets. If you want to know if a certain item can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner, check the label first.

What Sort of Cleaning Solution Should I Use with my Carpet Cleaner?

Use the product that comes recommended by your carpet cleaner's maker whenever possible. If you're not happy with the results, you can use another cleaning product instead, provided that doing so doesn't violate the machine's care instructions.

How Long Will It Take Before My Carpet Dries?

Drying time is conditional on the carpet material and thickness. When cleaning carpets, some products help speed drying while others remove grime. The carpet will dry more quickly if box fans are strategically placed throughout the room after cleaning. After a few hours, most carpets will be totally dry after being cleaned.


You've provided some excellent advice here for those looking to clean their berber carpets. You can now kick back and take pleasure in your spotless carpets. If you maintain them properly, you can use them for a long time.

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